About Us

Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) is the Northwest’s largest REALTOR®-owned multiple listing service, serving approximately 14,000 real estate professionals in over 2,600 offices throughout Oregon and Southern Washington.

The RMLS database holds an archive of over 1.9 million listings, including about 15,000 active listings (plus or minus depending on the season), and over two million tax records.

The RMLSweb system—used by REALTORS®—is developed in-house by our programming staff. RMLS deploys regular enhancements to RMLSweb using requests from our subscribers and the RMLS Board of Directors to set priorities. The mapping program available in RMLSweb provides aerial, street, plat maps, and more.

RMLS.com is our public site for listing information. We also provide data to our subscribers for their websites, and to REALTOR.com®.

Regional Multiple Listing Service has a 17-member Board of Directors formed from REALTOR® subscribers representing our shareholders (Portland Metro Association of REALTORS®, East Metro Association of REALTORS®, and Clark County Association of REALTORS®). We also have a Service Advisory Committee (SAC) that provides representation for subscribers who belong to REALTOR® associations that are not shareholders in RMLS.

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