How Affordable Are Homes These Days?

While, ultimately this is extremely personal calculation (because it depends on the buyer’s income, mortgage rates, how well the house will meet their needs, etc.) there is one generic indicator that we can use to get a sense of where the market is at overall: the Affordability Index.

Fun with Acrostic Poetry: Attached v. Detached Houses

We sometimes get reports of homes being entered into RMLSweb as detached homes, when they are in fact, attached (or vice versa).  We realize this can be confusing at times, so let’s briefly review the attached v. detached question.  Let’s start with the textbook definitions: “Attached: An element of the residence’s construction (such as a […]

Becoming a Homeowner

June is National Homeownership Month and if you read the blog, you probably know I am a new member of the homeowner community. After getting through my first transaction, I can say that I definitely understand how some first time homebuyers can be intimidated by the process of buying a home. Per the old adage, […]

More New Stats

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we’ve been trying to provide you with more information to help you answer your clients’ questions.

Surviving Social Media

Just wanted to quickly plug an upcoming event hosted by PMAR on June 8: “Internet Networking Survival Skills”. David Gibbons from Zillow will share his experience with social media and help you learn how to avoid common pitfalls. Natalie and I, along with a few other folks from the team attended REBarCamp PDX (Real Estate […]

RE-acular Vernacular: adjectives in real estate listings

REALTORS® have a tough job in trying to accurately & positively portray their listings, while also trying to set them apart from the pack (especially with a high-level of inventory), and I imagine it’s probably hard at times to find the right word (I can sympathize). With that said, I thought it might be interesting […]

First-Time Homebuyers Making a Splash

Are first-time homebuyers making an impact on the real estate market? I recently received a statistical request from a writer at the Oregonian who wanted to know if over the last year the percentage of buyers in lower-price ranges has risen. As it turned out, in Portland, those buying homes in the $0 – $499,999 range now make […]

Arriving (fashionably?) Late to the Blog Party: RMLS™

We realize you don’t always have time to login and scan the RMLSweb newsletter page for the latest updates when you’re busy running your company, developing your personal brand, listing property and meeting with clients. We get exhausted just thinking about it. So we’ve decided to try and bring this information to you in the […]