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We are here to help. RMLS offers a variety of ways to assist subscribers via our Help Desk, Front Desk, or Training teams.

Help Desk:

Phone: 503.872.8002
or toll free 877.256.2169
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Monday-Thursday: 8:00 AM-7:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Front Desk:

Phone: 503.236.7657 or 877.256.2169
Fax: 503.230.0689
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Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM


Phone: 503.236.7657


Subscribers can take advantage of a variety of online and in-person training options. Learn about the types of classes we offer here.

Required Classes

RMLS Orientation

You will be treated to a wide variety of topics to help you get acclimated to all things RMLS has to offer, including user preferences, creating a personalized report banner, search and mapping features, where to add a listing and where to find help if you need it. We will also discuss what other classes you may want to take and how to sign up. Lastly, we will cover some of the pertinent Rules and Regulations, discuss SentriLock, and do a quick introduction to REALTORS Property Resource® (RPR). 3.5 hours.

*This is a required class.
Topics for this class include logging into the system, searching for listings, search results and emailing to clients. After lunch we’ll cover Hotsheets, prospecting, creating flyers and CMA’s, and toolkit features. 4 hours WA CE

*Suggested Class

RMLS Suggested Classes

RMLSweb CMA Overview

Want to be an expert in your market area? Want to better explain pricing to your clients? In this class we will show you how to get the comparable data you need to do just that. We will use the CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) module to search for comps to create a customized report which stands apart from the rest. (Often taken along with Utilizing RMLSweb Statistics). 1 hour (No CE)

RMLSweb Listing Load

Learn how to contribute your own information to the RMLSweb database. We will cover adding and modifying listings, relevant rules, tips and tricks and uploading photos. 2 hours (NO CE) RMLSweb Fast Track We will cover searching for listings, search results, emailing to clients, hotsheets, prospecting, creating flyers, and toolkit features. 3 hours WA CE

RMLS Rules and Regulations

Strengthen your knowledge of RMLS Rules and Regulations! This class explains the difference between informal and formal violations and how they are processed. Learn about the different proactive audits and data checks performed daily to help make listing data as accurate as possible. We talk about the different documents you may need and where you can find them. Lastly, we will provide an overview of the latest RMLS Rules and Regulations changes and updates. 1 hour (NO CE)

SentriLock Essentials

This class will teach you the essentials about the SentriLock system. When this class is complete, you will know how Bluetooth® works with the lockbox, be able to understand the SentriKey Real Estate and SentriConnect® apps, access properties, view access logs, customize lockboxes, and understand your back up options. 1 hour (NO CE)

RMLSweb Focus on the Seller’s Broker
This class will cover the content from our Listing Load class and focus on the RMLSweb features that will assist you as a seller’s broker. Topics include preparing for the listing presentation (Hotsheets, RMLSweb CMA, and various reports); entering and editing the property in Listing Load; reverse prospecting and monitoring lockbox activity in the SentriLock Lockbox system. 3 hours OR/WA CE 1 2

*Suggested Class

Remine Overview

Remine combines consumer data and property data into a single platform that delivers actionable intelligence to real estate agents. Remine can help you to focus your marketing campaigns and find only the most qualified leads for potential sellers and buyers. Whether you are farming your neighborhood or working with investors, Remine can help you target key opportunities in seconds using its interactive map and data-based layers. 1 hour OR CE

REALTORS Property Resource® (RPR) Basics

Learn how this free NAR-sponsored tool will provide you with up-to-the-minute comprehensive RMLS data and dynamic analytics to produce reports that will impress and inform even your most demanding clients. 1.5 hours OR CE

Utilizing RMLSweb Statistics

Want to be the expert in your market area? In this class we will show you how to get the statistical data you need to do just that. We will use RMLSweb statistical modules to examine MLS areas for trends that will help you become more knowledgeable about your market area. (Often taken along with RMLSweb CMA Overview). 1 hour (NO CE)

RMLSweb Focus on the Buyer’s Broker

In this class you will learn about the RMLSweb features that will assist you as a buyer’s broker. Topics include: Homesnap; mapping; searching listings; prospecting with auto email; market trends/statistics; searching open houses/broker tours; and overview of the SentriLock Lockbox system and more. 3 hours OR/WA CE

*Suggested Class

Other Training Opportunities

Live Webinar Training

Can’t make a training class or prefer learning at home? Join us for one of our webinars, which cover many of our recommended classes. See our Training Webinar Descriptions document for a full list.

Virtual One-on-One

Have questions in a wide range of subjects? Does the class you need not fit into your schedule? Have no fear, RMLS is here! We can do a one-hour One-on-One session customized to your needs.

Specialty/Custom Classes:

RMLS offers other specialty or custom classes taught either in our office or at yours. Classes include any of the classes listed above as well as RMLSweb Tips and Tricks, Third-Party Tools, and more. To request a class, call 503.236.7657 or email