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Dear Technical Terry:

Can you tell me when I need to submit an Authorization to Exclude from MLS Addendum to RMLS™? I recently sent in a form and later learned it was unnecessary.



rmlsauthorizationtoexcludeaddendumDon’t be afraid, you’re not the only person who has sent this form to us in error. It sounds like you’re familiar with the changes we recently made to the form, so you’re already ahead of the game.

If you have a signed contract and are not publishing the listing within 72 hours but still do want to market the property before that time, the Authorization to Exclude from MLS Addendum (Document #1260) is required. Complete the form and send it to RMLS™ within 72 hours of signing a listing contract.

There are other scenarios that would require this document to be completed as well, but it can be confusing. RMLS™ is here to help! Contact RMLS™ Data Accuracy at (503) 236-7657 or write us an email if you’re ever unsure about whether your situation requires submission of this form.


Technical Terry:

Why did RMLS™ redo the Office Exclusive form? As my uncle always said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Donald in Sutherlin

Hi Donald—great question. My uncle always used to say time heals all wounds. He died of an infected bedsore at the age of 76. But I digress…

I reached out to our Data Accuracy expert Vallerie Bush for more information about the story behind the new Authorization to Exclude from MLS form.

Vallerie reports that the name of the form itself was changed to better reflect what the form is being used for: when a seller is choosing to exclude their listing from RMLSweb. This could be the duration of the listing contract or a shorter length of time.

The look of the form also changed a bit, but the content is pretty similar. After each paragraph, the seller is asked to initial each point reflecting their understanding of each.

What’s the big idea behind these changes? The committee wants sellers to be informed about the value of listing their property on a multiple listing service, and precisely what they’re opting out of by signing the form.

Finally, Vallerie points out that because the title of the form changed, the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations and listing contracts for Oregon and Washington were also updated to reflect the new title.

Does that help, Donald? If you’re looking to dig deeper, we do have a FAQ document on RMLSweb about the Authorization to Exclude changes.


Hello, Technical Terry:

The other night I was checking out some Agent Fulls on RMLSweb and clicked on the listing agent’s name. A box came up with the agent’s name, contact information…and their photo! How did they get their photo to display on the report?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Jacqueline

Hello PB+JJ:

It sounds like you may have missed the RMLSweb roster improvements we made back in January. Uploading an agent photo as part of your roster information is so simple, you might be embarrassed when I tell you how to do it. Navigate to User Preferences—get there by clicking on your name on the upper right corner of RMLSweb.


Choose the tab on the left that says “My Photo.”


Then click Browse to select the photo file, and click the Upload button to finish. Voilà! Your photo will appear whenever agents click your name in an Agent Full or search for your roster information.

We’d love to see a sea of friendly REALTOR® faces on RMLSweb, so get that photo uploaded! Thanks for your question, PB+JJ.

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