Listing Load Filter: Ask Technical Terry

Listing Load Filter: Ask Technical Terry

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Ask Technical Terry is a series RMLS™ aims to offer once a month. RMLS™ subscribers will drive the content—submit any question about RMLS™ to Technical Terry in the comments or by emailing Don’t be shy—we won’t identify you by name.

Dear TT:

I am so frustrated! Ever since Listing Load got updated, whenever I start a new listing and save it as in progress I’ll come back later to finish it, and it’s GONE! Sometimes this happens several times per listing! I’ll then call the RMLS™ Help Desk and they help me see all the in-progress listings I’ve started. What the heck is going on?

Tired in Tigard

Dear TT:

How frustrating! As you’ve experienced when contacting the RMLS™ Help Desk, your listings are still there but the new “filter” option is set with criteria that keeps the listings from appearing on your screen. Let me show you how to access the filter and change the settings.

The filter button is located here on Listing Load.

Notice there are three unique tabs available in Listing Load: Listings, In-Progress, and My Inventory. The filter button gives you unique options for each tab as shown here.


Notice the variety of filtering options you have available! Also note the ability to clear all filter values, and apply the filter values you’ve chosen. Don’t forget “Save Criteria” if you want the filter to retain your choices for that particular tab!


Once again, so many options! Again you’ve got the ability to clear all filter values, apply the filter values you’ve chosen, and and save the criteria to retain your choices for that particular tab.


Again you’ve got a cornucopia of options, the ability to clear all filter values, apply the filter values you’ve chosen, and save the criteria for that particular tab.

Since we’re on the topic, I’ve also heard that the RMLS™ Help Desk staff has gotten plenty of calls from subscribers wondering why they can’t edit their listing in the My Inventory tab. The My Inventory tab is simply that: it shows your inventory based on the filter settings you’ve applied. All editing capabilities are performed under either of the other two tabs.

I hope this helps, TT. Just remember, if you’ve saved a listing in progress and it seems to have disappeared when you come back to RMLSweb, check the filter! I’d bet you’ll find a filter option has been chosen that keeps the listing from appearing.

Technical Terry

Dear Technical Terry:

Why do you sign some of your responses “Ask Technical Terry?” Typically, one signs a letter or email using his or her name.

Ward Smith

Dear Ward Smith:

Great question! Indeed—sometimes I use my full name, which includes my first name Ask (from Norse mythology), sometimes I use initials, and in one of the blog posts I reviewed I forgot to sign off at all! I’m so embarrassed. Be assured that these oversights were made in the pursuit of quality content for RMLS™ subscribers.

A. Technical Terry

Listing Load Filter: Ask Technical Terry

A Fresh Look for Listing Load on RMLSweb and Other Improvements Coming February 5th

RMLS™ is polishing up a round of improvements to RMLSweb set to make their debut on February 5th. Among these is a bold new look for Listing Load, more responsive design for search functions, and easier listing edits.

Tile View, a new look available to users in Listing Load, will feature large icons. Status, price, and other details may be easily edited by clicking on icons and/or text. Listing view counts can also be accessed through this interface. My Inventory has also been added as a tab in Tile View and List View, although access remains through the Back Office menu anywhere in RMLSweb.

In addition to Listing Load’s easier interface, RMLS™ has also reworked the search pages on RMLSweb to be responsive to a user’s browser. This means that users on a mobile device will find the search options easier to use.

Subscribers can use this increased responsivity to easily make changes in the field. Listings with an accepted offer, for example, may be changed instantly—well within the 24 hour time window required for changing a listing’s status in RMLSweb. Furthermore, users who have had difficulty navigating RMLSweb using a mobile device or a regular browser set at less than full screen should have an easier experience when using the site.

Because these search pages have been reworked, users will also notice some layout changes on searches. When switching to Map View on Advanced Search, for example, will push the search criteria over to a left sidebar so users may see the map and criteria all on one screen.

The majority of these changes are a direct result of subscriber feedback, including Listing Load focus groups held over the last several months by Beth Raimer, our new product manager. If you’re interested in participating in future focus groups, contact Beth Raimer directly. We especially encourage REALTORS® from outside the Portland metro area to participate!

Listing Load Filter: Ask Technical Terry

Photograph Requirement Coming Soon to RMLSweb Listing Load

Starting December 6th, listing agents will be required to upload at least one photo in Listing Load before a new listing can be published on RMLSweb.

Agents working with sellers who wish to omit photographs from their listings will need to indicate that preference on Listing Load. In an in-progress listing, click “Edit” in the Photo field. The Photo Manager will open, then click on “Seller Requires Photo Omission.”

Agents who publish a listing using the “Seller Requires Photo Omission” option will be required to then provide a Photograph Omission Form or equivalent to RMLS™ within 72 hours after the listing is published. If the RMLS™ Rules Department does not receive the form, they will follow up with the listing agent via email. Listings where the seller has omitted a photo will show a “Photo Omitted by Seller” image.

If a listing is published with a photo omission but the seller changes their mind, an agent can still upload photo(s). Navigate to Photo Manager, then click “Cancel Photo Omitted by Seller and Replace Image with First Photo,” as shown below.

As part of this change, RMLS™ will also be phasing out its service of uploading photos emailed to

Photography is crucial in selling properties, and RMLS™ recognizes the need for this data in the publishing process. RMLSweb listings appear on many other websites (including,, and IDX sites). This change ensures both the photo(s) and data will be available for websites when new listings are published.

View the amended sections of the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations for more information. If you have any questions regarding these changes, contact Help Desk at or by phone at (503) 872-8002, or toll free at (877) 256-2169.

Listing Load Enhancements – Questions and Answers

We’ve put together a list of the questions that our subscribers may have about the Listing Load enhancements that will be out in mid-September.  This article is updated as we receive additional questions and comments from our subscribers.

**New Question**

 Is there a character counter in this release? Will there be an increase to the character count in Public Remarks?

There is a character counter for the remarks sections included with the new release. A request for additional characters in Public Remarks will be submitted to our Forms Committee, brokers who gather each year to assess the data we collect on our listing forms. Don’t forget that there is additional room for remarks on the Supplement Forms, if any of those are appropriate for your listing.

**New Question**

Will Listing Load now work in the Chrome browser?

Listing load will still not work with Chrome at this time. We are maintaining the IE and Firefox whitelisting currently in place. Our goal is to include Chrome in that group, but testing with that browser is not complete.

How will the changes to Listing Load affect me?

Although some of the pages may look different, the basic work flow has not changed dramatically. The enhancements we’ve added should make your ultimate experience more streamlined and productive.

If I have problems using the new Listing Load, what can I do?

RMLS™ trainers and Help Desk are here to answer any questions you have. You can reach us by phone at 877-256-2169 or email In case you need to get started when our offices and Help Desk are closed, we have also prepared an on-line tutorial available 24/7.

Why are you changing Listing Load? I know how to use it and it works.

We compiled many subscriber comments and requests about listing load over the last few years, and the upcoming changes reflect those requests. The result is a new detail view of the listing load search results with quick access to listing reports (agent full, tax full, history, photos and map) directly from the listing load screen. However, if you prefer, there is still a list view that looks very much like the old results screen. You can choose your experience.

What feature am I going to love the most?

We don’t really know, but it could be the Auto-save function, if you have ever lost work.

Where can I go to get information about the changes?

We’ve put together a summary about the changes that you can read here. You can also plan ahead and sign-up for a class in late September or find out how to set-up a training in your own office for Listing Load Enhancements by contacting or 503-236-7657.

Listing Load Filter: Ask Technical Terry

Spotlight on Supplements: Additional Structures and Farm & Ranches

Learn more about these two new Supplement forms!

Five new Supplement forms became available for subscribers on August 3rd. These new forms allow subscribers to share even more details about their listings. Read about the Additional Structures Supplement form and the Farm and Ranches Supplement form below!

Additional Structures Supplement:

The new Additional Structures Supplement allows listing agents to describe buildings or structures on the property other than the main building itself. For example, do you have a client who is selling a home with a chicken coop? Or, perhaps your client’s home has a particularly lovely gazebo. You can use this form to describe these additional structures that add to the listing’s attraction.

You can describe up to six additional structures using this form. Other types of structures you can describe are garages, barns and second residences! You can also specify whether or not a Conditional Use Permit is required for the second residence.

The form allows you to enter in information about the additional building’s dimensions, approximate square footage, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the year it was built.

Remember to use the Supplement Public Remarks field to provide even more details about the additional structure(s)!

Click here to view the Additional Structures Supplement.

Farm and Ranches Supplement:

The Farm and Ranches Supplement form contains fields that already existed for the former Farm (FRM) category. But, with the new Supplement form for Farm and Ranches listings, you have even more options for describing the property.

New options available are:

  • Certified Organic Yes/No field
  • New value option for CRANBOG (Cranberry Bog) in Currently Usable field
  • Extended the Approx. # of Acres field to offer options for nursery, orchard or vineyard

This Supplement form has a Public Remarks field as well for you to further describe the property.

Click here to view the Farm and Ranches Supplement.

Want to know more about Supplement forms? View the Utilizing Supplement Forms tutorial, it’s a visual learning experience!

To see the other Supplement forms and to see other changes that were released with the Forms Change, view the Listing Forms Change Summary document.

Questions? Contact the RMLS™ Help Desk at 503-872-8002 or toll-free at 877-256-2169.