Buying or Selling a House with a Green Street Facility

The Pacific Northwest gets a lot of rain, and stormwater runoff can be challenging to manage. Many cities in the region are starting to build green street facilities in residential areas to reduce the risk of flooding and provide other benefits.

The City of Portland recently released a guide for REALTORS® and homeowners called “Buying or Selling a House with a Green Street Facility.” The guide outlines basic information about these facilities, including how to report a need for maintenance.

Additionally, the caretakers of these facilities remind REALTORS® and homeowners of the following:

• Place “for sale” signs in yards rather than green street facilties or between curbs and sidewalks.
• Inform clients that green streets are publicly owned stormwater management facilities.
• If a green street facility near a property on the market needs maintenance, contact the City of Portland.

Facilities like these exist outside of Portland as well—REALTORS® in other areas may equally benefit from reviewing these materials.

Spotlight: REALTOR® Tim Sellers

Spotlight: REALTOR® Tim Sellers

The spotlight continues to shine on some of our REALTOR® subscribers this week! Meet Tim Sellers, who works with Barb Sellers and Associates Realty in Fairview, Oregon. Tim, who specializes in residential resale, was another one of this year’s Subscriber Satisfaction Survey winners.

How did your real estate career begin?

I’m a third generation real estate agent. I thought I’d just give it a try, and 24 years later I’m still trying.

What do you enjoy most about being a REALTOR®?

I like working with people, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what their world view is.

Tell me about a particularly interesting property you sold.

Well…it’s more the people than the properties that are interesting, and I probably shouldn’t say any more.

Everyone has a secret talent. What’s yours?

I can make a bubble sound that always makes babies smile. And for the older kids, I made great paper airplanes.

Thanks, Tim!

Spotlight: REALTOR® Tim Sellers

Spotlight: REALTOR® Adam Sarancik

RMLS™ subscribers are diverse in their talents and immensely interesting, and we like to spread the word by spotlighting individuals now and again. Adam Sarancik (GRI, ABR) was recently one of our Subscriber Satisfaction Survey winners! Adam works at The Meadows Group, Inc., REALTORS® (Westside office). We asked Adam to tell us a little more about himself:

How did your real estate career begin?

It began 22 years ago with the Lutz Snyder Co. in Tualatin, Oregon. I was very lucky because the office I was in had a branch manager and a group of brokers who were extremely dedicated and talented. They were great role models. I also taught at the Lutz Snyder Training Center for three years.

What do you enjoy most about being a REALTOR®?

I enjoy turning initial realtor-client relationships into lifelong friendships. I have made friends with so many amazing people who are truly inspirational to me.

A particularly interesting property you sold:

Many years ago I was the buyers’ agent for a home in Beaverton. The home was in excellent condition and rightfully so, the seller had an extreme amount of pride in his home. He absolutely refused to allow us to have a home inspection, telling us adamantly that there was absolutely no need for one. After a week or so of very delicate pleading and negotiation, he very reluctantly agreed to allow us to do the home inspection as long as the home was spotless when we were done, that we started exactly at 1:00pm, and we were gone by 3:00pm, when he would promptly return.

Well, about an hour or so into the inspection I smelled something burning, an electrical fire kind of smell. The home had a heat pump, so we shut it down as well as all of the electricity in the home.

When the homeowner returned promptly at 3:00pm, not only were we not gone, there were three fire trucks and the fire chief’s car parked in front—the entire property was surrounded by yellow tape.

Getting that deal to close was one of the best negotiating jobs I have ever done.

Everyone has a secret talent. What’s yours?

Most of my adult life, I have coached youth sports: baseball, basketball, and soccer. I have coached at Jesuit, Canby, and Westside Christian High Schools. I have also written a book, published this year: Coaching Champions for Life: Coaching the Whole Person, Not Just the Athlete.

Thanks, Adam! We will be spotlighting our other two survey winners in the coming weeks.