Real Talk with RMLS, Episode 44: New Boundary Layer Feature & Subscriber Rebate

Real Talk with RMLS, Episode 44: New Boundary Layer Feature & Subscriber Rebate

This week, host Beth Raimer is joined by Kurt von Wasmuth, CEO, and John Ayers, Vice President of Subscriber Services, to discuss an exciting new boundary layer feature coming in January to RMLSweb, as well as a rebate for REALTORⓇ and Appraiser subscriber accounts as a gesture of appreciation and holiday cheer.

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RMLS™ Welcomes Immoviewer

RMLS™ Welcomes Immoviewer

immoviewer Logo

RMLS™ is excited to announce a new benefit for RMLS™ subscribers that will be available beginning October 8th! RMLS™ will soon offer immoviewer to all RMLS™ subscribers, which will automatically create unbranded listing videos and unbranded video landing pages directly from listing photos on RMLSweb.

This basic immoviewer service will be provided to all RMLS™ subscribers at no charge and each video will be created automatically, requiring no action on the part of the REALTOR®. A video will be created once the listing has three or more images and the listing has been published.

The free video and landing page, which are compliant with the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations, will include the first 15 photos uploaded to RMLSweb in the order uploaded. REALTORS® may then download the resulting video and use anywhere for marketing.

Immoviewer will create a 3D 360° account for each RMLS™ subscriber as well. These tours, which feature other multimedia elements, can be uploaded by a photographer or produced by a REALTOR® using a standard 360° camera. One free 3D 360° tour will be included with each account and RMLS™ subscribers may purchase additional tours separately for $25 each or via an annual subscription for $69.

Once immoviewer is live on RMLSweb, the company will send a welcome email and begin creating videos for the previous two weeks of published listings. Subscribers who wish to opt out of using immoviewer may click the proper link in that welcome email or send a request via email. The company plans to offer webinars in the future.

RMLS™ is excited to provide this opportunity for subscribers, and hope the service will add convenience to your real estate business. Look out for your welcome email and first video tour links beginning next week!

Learn more about immoviewer on their RMLS™ landing page.

RMLS™ Welcomes Immoviewer

Real Talk with RMLS, Episode 26: A New Look on RMLSweb

RMLS subscribers are seeing a new look on RMLSweb these days! On the podcast this week, host Beth Raimer chats with Calvin Cushman, the designer behind the changes on RMLSweb, with a look at what’s next.

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RMLS™ Welcomes Immoviewer

Real Talk with RMLS, Episode 22: RMLS Forms Change

Are you ready for the annual RMLSweb forms change? This week, Beth and John review this year’s batch of forms changes—going live May 2nd along with the new Coming Soon-No Showing status and ShowingTime.

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RMLS™ Welcomes Immoviewer

Jump-start Your ShowingTime Experience on May 2nd

ShowingTime is an efficient online scheduling tool allowing, but not requiring, RMLS™ subscribers to schedule a showing from right inside RMLSweb. Listing brokers using ShowingTime may set up showing schedules, automate communications with owners, while confirming, rescheduling, or denying showing appointments. Buyers’ brokers may use ShowingTime to schedule appointments, get driving directions. ShowingTime can even be used for showing feedback!

Here are just a few of the ways ShowingTime can help RMLS™ subscribers:

  • Create showing schedules for listings
  • Schedule showings for a listing
  • Instant notifications via text, email, or phone when showings are requested/confirmed
  • Online access to showing information from any device
  • Showing Feedback
  • Schedule multiple showings at once (via Showing Cart)
  • Map a buyer’s tour
  • Display driving directions

All of this is free to RMLSweb users, but power users may want to level up to the ShowingTime paid product for advanced capabilities.


ShowingTime is offering a limited run of webinars for RMLS™ subscribers. Get acquainted by joining one of the four webinars happening May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Once the product goes live on May 2nd (along with the other RMLSweb projects debuting at the same time), head to RMLSweb. Navigate to the Toolkit menu and select ShowingTime (above).

Set up your user preferences on this page—they will help you use ShowingTime successfully. Scroll down this page to find a special button to download the ShowingTime app and access your account easily, without a lengthy login process.


Once your preferences are set up, you may enable ShowingTime on any of your RMLSweb listings in Listing Load:

Once you’ve enabled ShowingTime on a listing, head back to the ShowingTime page (or use your app) to set up a showing calendar for the property, add your clients into the loop, set up automatic feedback requests, and more.

(Note that showing instructions don’t automatically transfer from RMLSweb to ShowingTime, so users will need to enter the information again.)


Buyers’ agents, when you find a property in RMLSweb that you’d like to show, simply click the ShowingTime icon wherever you see it—in list view (above), detail view, or on the Agent Full report.

Simply fill out the form and either schedule a single showing or add to your ShowingCart to request a batch of showings at a later time.

ShowingTime has more intricacies and features that RMLSweb users are sure to appreciate. Sign up for the webinars happening May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to learn more! These webinars will only be offered a few times by ShowingTime, so register today.