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Ever since ShowingTime went live on RMLSweb this spring, RMLS™ has been hearing some common confusions from subscribers. Perhaps you’ve received an email from ShowingTime and don’t understand why. Or maybe you want to opt out of ShowingTime but don’t know how to do so. We’re here to help, so here are some basics we hope will clear the confusion.


ShowingTime is an online scheduling tool that was introduced on RMLSweb in May. ShowingTime can reduce calls and phone tag by allowing users to schedule showing times online. Using ShowingTime is completely optional, although hundreds of RMLS™ subscribers are already using this convenient tool to schedule showings on their listings.

ShowingTime held a series of webinars for RMLS™ subscribers when the product was released—view a recorded walkthrough of ShowingTime Basics.


All RMLSweb users were opted in to the service when ShowingTime was released. Whether you use the service is completely up to you though—ShowingTime can be turned off for one listing or all your listings (see below for instructions)! RMLSweb listings that feature the ShowingTime icon offer online scheduling, but if you prefer a good old conversation, you can contact the REALTOR® that way instead.

Subscribers who have not opted out may not realize that ShowingTime is still live on their listings. This means that you’ve received an email from ShowingTime with a showing request and you’re not sure why, you’ll want to get familiar with the service so you can accept or reschedule the showing.


Everyone was opted in to the service by default, but ShowingTime can be turned off for one of your listings, or all of your listings, as Ask Technical Terry outlined back in May.


We think that ShowingTime makes the business of scheduling showings far more convenient for RMLS™ subscribers. ShowingTime has great features that can save time, and we hope that you’ll explore which features may be able to make your day simpler. ShowingTime even offers a paid service for agents who want to go deeper with the product—it includes brokerage branding and special tools to use with clients.


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