Mapping Improvements, Remine Button Now Live on RMLSweb

RMLS™ released two improvements to RMLSweb earlier this week intended to make things easier for subscribers: a new layout on Map Search, and a Remine button on the bottom of the Agent Full report.

Map Search Layout

After RMLS™ released its more responsive search pages in early February, we heard from subscribers that the layout in Map Search could use some improvement. Subscribers were having difficulty drawing shapes on the map, and navigating between the map and search criteria was difficult.

RMLS™ changed the layout, creating a layer of tabs so users may easily toggle between the map itself and the search criteria. Working with shapes and layers on the larger map should make things easier for subscribers.

Remine Button on Agent Full Reports

At the bottom of the Agent Full report on RMLSweb, users will now find a new Remine button alongside the buttons for Find, ShackShout, and RPR. Just like those buttons, the Remine button links to the property listing on Remine.

We think these changes may be relatively small, but they’re mighty! The layout changes on Map Search were the direct result of subscriber feedback, and both were intended to make your work on RMLSweb a little easier. As always, contact the RMLS™ Help Desk with questions about these improvements or to give any other feedback.