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Supra Lockbox Stats Through 6-21-2009

Comparing Supra lockbox openings by RMLS™ subscribers between June 8, 2009 and June 21, 2009 there was a 6% decrease in Oregon and a 1.9% increase in Washington from the previous week. Click the chart for a larger view (Oregon, left; Washington, right)

Upcoming Events

Here’s a quick rundown of upcoming Realtor® events & education in our service areas for the rest of June. If you have an event that is not listed here, please let us know by commenting below. For future events, please send an e-mail to communications (at) rmls (dot) com.   Vancouver Fine Homes Group Tour, June […]

Fun with Acrostic Poetry: Attached v. Detached Houses

We sometimes get reports of homes being entered into RMLSweb as detached homes, when they are in fact, attached (or vice versa).  We realize this can be confusing at times, so let’s briefly review the attached v. detached question.  Let’s start with the textbook definitions: “Attached: An element of the residence’s construction (such as a […]