Listing View Counts has a new graph feature

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback regarding our new Listing View Counts feature on RMLSweb. As you know, Listing View Counts allows listing agents to see how often the public and other subscribers are viewing their listings. To make Listing View Counts even better, we’ve added a new graph feature that allows you to see a graph of listing views for the last 30 days!

You have the choice between inserting a bar graph, a line graph, or no graph at all into your report. We have also combined the RMLSweb Mobile Detail counts with the RMLSweb Detail counts.

Here is an example of the bar graph:

(Click on the graphs to view larger images)


Here is an example of the line graph:


If you’d like more information on Listing View Counts or the new graph feature, view the How to Use Listing View Counts document or the Accessing Listing View Counts online tutorial.

For additional information, please contact RMLS™ Training at 503-236-7657 or for immediate assistance you can contact the RMLS™ Help Desk at 503-872-8002 (toll free 877-256-2169 or via e-mail at