Find℠: Bringing to Your Professional Fingertips


Get ready—on Monday, June 9th, Find℠ will make its debut on RMLSweb!

Find℠ gives RMLS™ subscribers professionals-only access to data contained on Access is integrated within RMLSweb meaning it’s fast, flexible, and easy.

Using Find℠ to Find Property Details About an RMLSweb Listing

FindButtonsonRMLSwebIn RMLSweb, click one of the Find℠ buttons (Property, Schools, or Community) at the bottom of an Agent Full or Data Only listing report to be taken to the selected report in Find℠.

FindSchoolsReportClosing that report will give you access to the full record for the listing, where you can quickly find map links, nearby comparables, information about local schools, an archive of listing photos, reports, and maps with layers such as flight patterns and nearby amenities.

Searching Find℠

FindinRMLSwebNavigationBarThe other way to access Find℠ is via the Toolkit menu on RMLSweb, under “Links.”


Searching via Find℠ is nearly as intuitive as Google. Simply type what you’re searching for into the search bar—Find℠ knows common REALTOR® shorthand and will classify the parts of your query into search fields when you press Enter. If you want to adjust your search, all fields can be changed by clicking to reveal a drop-down menu.

In instances where a term may be confusing or have multiple meanings, a box will appear to allow the user to specify what they’re looking for. As an example, searching for “granite” may refer to Granite City, CA, granite countertops, or houses on Granite Street. The box that will appear helps the agent search for just the right thing.

Find℠ gives RMLS™ subscribers the ability to search any property, whether it’s on the market or not. Find’s public records means you can access tax data and AVMs even on non-listed properties.

Helping clients relocate outside the RMLS™ region? Find℠ makes it easy to find a listing anywhere in the US—other MLSs belonging to Find℠ provide complete data, and MLSs not belonging to Find℠ still have the same basic consumer information available on

Check out a five-minute tour of Find℠:

Thirsting for more information about how Find℠ can bring information to your fingertips in a flash? Check out the training button on the upper right corner. Regularly scheduled webinars cover the basics, mapping, and advanced capabilities of Find℠.

RMLS™ is proud to bring Find℠ to our subscribers, and hope you’ll find it to be a powerful tool that can help your business.

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  2. Dave Sutton August 1, 2016 at 8:45 am #

    Thanks for the reminder. Somehow the first announcement got by me.

  3. Scott August 1, 2016 at 9:53 am #

    Interesting tool, but providing a couple practical use cases would be nice. There’s a lot of overlap with other tools/services.

  4. Thomas Manning August 1, 2016 at 1:49 pm #

    This is a really great tool!

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