SentriLock KeypadSMRMLS™ has amended its Rules and Regulations to make sure that brokers know how to properly use codes generated using the SentriSmart™ app.

RMLS™ is pleased so many subscribers are discovering the convenience and ease of using the SentriSmart™ app to open SentriLock lockboxes. SentriSmart™ Mobile Access Codes (SMACs) may be generated for brokers who wish to show a listing, but those codes cannot be distributed to any other party by those brokers, such as clients who wish to access a property without their agent present. Providing a code is the same as providing a SentriCard® to enter a property, and is subject to the same rules and sanctions.

Note that SMACs are different from one day codes and contractor codes which are a separate feature of the SentriLock system. One day and contractor codes can only be used by the listing broker who owns the lockbox.

Changes impact the following documents:
RMLS™ Rules and Regulations
SentriLock Authorized User Agreement
SentriLock Cooperating Authorized User Agreement

These changes to the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations have been approved by the Board of Directors and take effect Monday, June 30th. If you have any questions about the changes, contact RMLS™.