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Dear Technical Terry:

I am loving the new Bluetooth lockboxes! The conversion ran smooth as silk and I’ve had no issues whatsoever with accessing the new boxes. I do, however, have some concern about the new “single key” policy that allows me to use ONLY SentriSmart™ OR my SentriCard® each day. What is the rationale for that policy?

Concerned in Coquille

Hello CC:

I’m glad to hear your SentriLock conversion experience went smoothly—they really are a fantastic company to work with!

About single key: the RMLS™ board had become very concerned about the amount of SentriLock key access violations being reported and discussed on social media. These reports are not unique to our market, so SentriLock had been working on the single key concept to tighten up lockbox access misuse for some time. One of the key events that lead to the board deciding to move to single key was the report of a RMLS™ subscriber updating their SentriCard® then giving it to their assistant to use while the subscriber used SentriSmart™ for the day. Clearly a violation of the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations!

Here’s what you need to know about the single key process:

  • Once SentriSmart™ is opened on your cell phone, that becomes your key for the day.
  • SentriSmart™ provides you with a complete set of lockbox management tools, so it is the preferred method for accessing the SentriLock system.
  • If SentriSmart™ is your preferred method for using SentriLock, do not keep your SentriCard® in the desktop reader or RAD. The SentriCard may update overnight, leaving you unable to use SentriSmart™ the remainder of that day.
  • Keeping your SentriCard® in your wallet or bag is highly recommended—it can become your key for the day either if SentriSmart™ or your phone stop working.
  • If SentriSmart™ or your phone stop working after the app has been opened for the day, you can still get an update code from SentriLock for your SentriCard® and use it for the rest of the day. Just contact SentriLock using the phone number on the back of your SentriCard®.
  • Keep in mind that if you update your SentriCard® after 4:00 PM Pacific, it will be your designated key for the following day as well.

The bottom line is that the single key concept was implemented to provide additional security and tighten up the potential for misuse of the SentriLock system by unauthorized users. All you really need to remember is to open the app on your phone prior to going out to show properties for the day AND keep your SentriCard® on hand just in case as a backup.

Technical Terry

Dear Technical Terry,

Oh NO! This weekend I was KonMari-ing my garage, and I found four more NXT lockboxes! (Let me tell you, these things do not spark joy.) Can I still turn them in for Bluetooth lockboxes? What are my options here?

Decluttering in Damascus

Dear DD:

Great question, and just in time! Once you thank those lockboxes for their service to your real estate business, head to your local RMLS™ office with them. We can still upgrade NXT lockboxes to the newer Bluetooth model—at no cost to you—before Friday, February 1st. Hurry in, you don’t have much time left!

Technical Terry