The Rules Roundup provides a monthly accounting of RMLS rules violations and courtesy notifications. Our Data Accuracy team manages all reports of property listing errors, tracking 34 specific issues outlined in the RMLS Rules and Regulations, and is responsible for addressing subscriber questions and concerns regarding listing accuracy whether those are submitted via the “Report Issue” button on a listing, through email, or by phone. When there are increases in specific violation types, we often place notifications on RMLSweb in order to alert subscribers so that they can avoid violations.


As more houses begin to be put on the market it is important to keep in mind the rules regarding lockbox access and showings. Violating the lockbox and showing rules can have serious consequences which may include fines or even suspension from RMLS.

Rule 7.1 reads as follows:

The appointment for showing of listed property shall be arranged as indicated in the RMLS Listing Data Input Form.

a. A Cooperating Broker or Appraiser may use the lockbox access device to enter a listing whose status is Active, Bumpable or Short Sale Pending, only in accordance with the instructions on the RMLS Listing Data Input Form or in accordance with the express instructions of the Listing Broker or Owner.
b. A Cooperating Broker or Appraiser may use the lockbox access device to enter a listing whose status is other than Active, Bumpable or Short Sale Pending, only with the express permission of the Listing Broker or Owner.
c. A Listing Broker, Cooperating Broker or Appraiser may not use the lockbox access device to enter a listing whose status is Coming Soon-No Showing.
d. A property in Coming Soon-No Showing status cannot be shown.
e. If the Listing Broker’s representative is to accompany a Cooperating Broker on the showing of a listing, that requirement must be included in the RMLS Listing Data Input Form and the Listing Broker must have a representative available to accompany the showing at the convenience of the Owner and customer.
f. No Participant or Subscriber may require from a Cooperating Broker a prospective Purchaser’s address or telephone number.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always follow the showing instructions and check the status of a listing prior to opening the lockbox, even if you checked before you left the office. It is better to take the extra step than to accidentally enter a pending listing.
  • Do not let your buyer have access to the listing before the agreed upon transfer of possession date. The seller is still the owner of the property until that time – your buyer may be excited to see the property, but until the transfer you should make an appointment with the Seller’s Agent to view the property. Utilizing the tools available and keeping the rule in mind will help to keep all parties safe and happy.
  • Prior to scheduling a showing, it’s important to double-check the listing for any special showing accommodation requests or notes from the seller(s) and/or Seller’s Agent.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to Data Accuracy by emailing or by phone at 503.395.1916.      


The RMLS Rules and Regulations Committee reviews all formal complaints which allege a violation of the RMLS Rules and Regulations. The committee has the power to impose sanctions.

The committee did not review any cases in March 2022.


In March 2022, the RMLS Data Accuracy staff reviewed 23,291 listings in addition to the 381 notices sent through the “Report Issue” button on RMLSweb. Of the items reviewed, 1,069 violation notices and 1,050 courtesy notices were sent out. In addition, our team handled 373 phone calls.

Category March
Missing Tax ID 439
Personal Promotion 145
Incorrect or Missing Information 131
Missing School 121
No Showings 82
Duplicate Listing 57
Incorrect Status 54
Incorrect First Photo 42
Missing Owner Name 36
Incorrect Property Type 36
Conditions to Compensation 29
Address Issues 23
Property Condition 20
Is Property a Condo 17
Listing Input in Incorrect MLS area 17
Missing Condo Unit Number 10
Inaccurate Lot Size 9
Partial Bathrooms 5+ 6
City Unknown 3
Duplicate Listing Sold in Different Categories 3

The following are the courtesy notifications sent to RMLS subscribers in March 2022:

Category March
Listing is Set to Expire 445
Multiple Owner Names in First Field 254
Listing Still Pending 200
Listing Status Changed from PEN to SLD >24 Hours 88
New Listing Input Over 24 Hours 51
Listing Status Change > 24 Hours 2

Questions about RMLS Rules and Regulations or the accuracy of specific listings can be directed to the RMLS Data Accuracy department at or 503.395.1916.