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Advertising on will soon display ads

Soon, visitors to the public site will see advertising. We are working with a company that will help us create non-dues revenue by incorporating ads into our public website. Note: This does not affect RMLSweb!

The ads that appear on will not be ads of competing real estate companies. Rather, they will be businesses that are complimentary to real estate and not direct competition. For example, ads are provided by businesses such as Home Depot, Ikea, Crate and Barrel and Dell. Check out the images below to see examples:

An ad displayed at the top of the search page:

An ad displayed at the bottom of the search page:

New Search Options on

New Search Options on

Consumers can now search for open houses logo
RMLS™ has added the following new search options on There is now the ability to search for properties in Oregon only, Washington only or both states combined. The ability to search for upcoming open houses for Residential, Multifamily and Farm properties has also been added.