RMLS™ SentriLock Preview and Demonstration (Updated April 30)

RMLS™ SentriLock Preview and Demonstration (Updated April 30)

Later this year, RMLS™ will be transitioning from the Supra lockbox system to the SentriLock system. We’ve put together a brief video with John Ayers, Vice President of Subscriber Services, walking through the equipment and how to perform basic functions:



RMLS™ SentriLock equipment will include the following:


SentriLock Lockbox (NXT wireless model)


Remote Access Device (RAD)


Card Reader

As John mentions in the video, each of the RMLS™ offices now has demo equipment available. We encourage subscribers to visit their local office and test it out!


UPDATE (April 29, 2013)
We’ve taken some photos of a Supra lockbox next to a SentriLock lockbox so subscribers may note size differences. As for weight, using the same scale at the RMLS™ office in Portland, the Supra lockbox is 2.2 pounds, and the SentriLock lockbox is 2.4 pounds.

UPDATE (April 30, 2013)

Subscribers may view a sample SentriLock showing report.

Updates to Statistical Features Coming Soon

New statistics menu makes spotting market trends easier

Keep an eye out for updates to statistical features on RMLSweb. The changes will combine most statistical reports into a new Statistics menu on the RMLSweb Navigation Bar. In addition we have rewritten the Market Trends, Market Stats and Inventory reports to improve the searching and reporting of these reports.

For example, Market Trends Report will now allow you to search up to 36 months back and will provide you with inventory accumulation and sale price percent change calculations.

Want to learn more about these new reports? Call our Training Manager, Kerry Meeuwsen at 503-872-8051.

Hot Weather Tips for Real Estate Agents

Here’s a few hot weather tips I came up with for real estate agents as we all cope with a potential high of 107 today here in Portland!

1. If buyers close on 100+ degree day, offer a window A/C unit as a closing gift (good luck finding one right now, though).
2. Selling agents: if your listing has A/C or is A/C ready – make sure you’re showing those houses now! The heat should really make that selling point stick in the buyer’s mind (and their shirt stick to their back).
3. Keep a cooler full of water bottles for your clients in your trunk when showing homes.
4. Always offer to purchase a Slurpee for your clients.
5. If you happen to be rolling in a convertible while showing homes – apply sunscreen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., or put the top up.

PS: If you use an ActiveKEY, make sure not to leave it in a hot car for long:


A Realtor’s ActiveKEY + Frozen Pizza + Peanut Butter Cup + GEO Metro in the Sun = ?

Short video shows why RMLS™ subscribers should keep their ActiveKEYs out of the heat this week

We’re going to have some serious heat in most of Oregon & Southwest Washington this week. As you try to stay cool in the hot weather, keep in mind this friendly ActiveKEY battery tip from Supra:

“Temperature extremes can affect battery performance. If the ActiveKEY is below 0° C (32° F) or above 40 ° C (104° F), it will not charge. During very cold or hot times of the year, bring your ActiveKEY in from your car at night and between showings.”

Also, watch this short video that poses the question – what happens when you leave an ActiveKEY, a frozen pizza and a frozen peanut butter cup in my 1997 Geo Metro that is parked in direct sunlight?


We filmed this a few weeks ago when it was up to about 94 degrees, so keep in mind that you might see more dramatic results in the next few days. Anyone have any other suggestions for things we should try to melt in my car?

PS:  We really do recommend that you remove your key from your car if it’s going to be parked in the sun for a long time – especially for agents that go to our Portland office – because we currently have a limited supply of ActiveKEYs due to a parts shortage at Supra. If you do need to get a new ActiveKEY, please call ahead at 503-236-7657 to ensure that we have one available for you.