RMLS™ by the Numbers 2013


Just how big is RMLS™ anyway? We thought it would be fun and interesting to compile numbers showing just how much RMLS™ has supported real estate activity in 2013. This is our first year doing it, but we hope to continue collecting these numbers in order to also see how the company is expanding over time.

Number of times subscribers logged in to RMLSweb: 6,185,000
Photos uploaded to listings: 926,490
Property searches run: 422,049
Number of new prospect profiles created: 57,599
All residential properties listed for sale: 65,824
All residential properties sold: 45,243
Median sold price of homes listed: $235,000
Total dollar volume of homes sold: $12,373,855,000
Unique tax searches: 103,077
Hit count reports viewed and auto-emailed to sellers: 12,608,195
Broker tour searches run: 12,475
Open house searches run: 7,357
Statistical searches run: 51,745

SentriLock Conversion
Number of lockboxes exchanged: 44,234

RMLS™ Subscribers
RMLS™ subscribers as of December 2013: 10,676
New RMLS™ subscribers (compared to December 2012): 497
Increase in subscribers, above: +4.9%
Subscribers who attended training: 1,857
Number of calls to the RMLS™ Help Desk: 26,119
Number of Help Desk chats: 2,564
Number of incidents reported using the “Report Issue” button: 4,155
CE hours distributed by RMLS™ at no cost to subscribers: 4,227
Total attendance at RMLS™ training events: 2,858

Total customer visits to RMLS.com: 3,822,036
Unique visits: 1,110,135
Total listing views: 2,982,408

Social Media
RMLS™ followers on Facebook (December 31st): 2,472
RMLS™ followers on Twitter (December 31st): 2,000

Don’t forget about the other numbers we regularly compile! In addition to publishing Market Action each month, we have statistical summaries available on RMLSweb with information dating back several years. Since 2012 we’ve also been compiling statistics about residential distressed properties in RMLSweb.

We love numbers here at RMLS™, and hope you find this data as fun and interesting as we do.


2 Responses to “RMLS™ by the Numbers 2013”

  1. Alta Taylor January 13, 2014 at 8:28 am #

    In Albany for 25 years I was first a member of Albany MLS until it disbanded so I became a member of Willamette Valley MLS. Twenty + years ago when I moved to Florence; there was a weekly meeting to talk about listings but no source to alert us if a property was listed; then came “Mike’s list” which we paid $1/week for a list which we picked up from Mike Herbert in Ruby Chapman’s office & which just had a one line listing of office, address, & price so we weren’t unknowingly soliciting listings that other offices had already listed. However, some of the listings had long since expired as Mike had no way to know of expiration dates. Then Florence tried to form an MLS; Don Olson was most helpful & spent a lot of time on it as he was one of very few brokers who had actually been a member of a functioning MLS elsewhere. I was still a member of WVMLS & I tried to get Florence to join there instead of trying to form a new MLS but Florence brokers still liked the idea of forming the new Florence MLS. Then another broker & I heard that RMLS would accept us; I understand that TR Hunter joined a few days prior to my joining & soon all Florence brokers joined RMLS. Now we would be lost without RMLS.

    • Christina Smestad January 13, 2014 at 12:48 pm #

      Thank you Alta!

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