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Spotlight on Supplements: Condo and Amenities

Learn more about these two new Supplement forms! On August 3rd, our Forms Change was released, which made five new Supplement forms available for subscribers to use to share even more information about their listings. In this blog post, we are highlighting the Condo and Amenities Supplement forms. Later, we will highlight the other new […]

Coming August 3rd: Listing Forms Change

Includes New Supplement Forms! Each year, the RMLS™ Forms Committee, which is comprised of volunteer Realtor® subscribers, recommends changes to the Listing Input Forms to be approved by the Board of Directors. The annual Forms Change will be released on August 3rd, 2011 from the suggestions made in 2010. Click here to view the Listing Forms Change […]

Bar or Line Graph? You Choose!

Listing View Counts has a new graph feature We’ve had a lot of positive feedback regarding our new Listing View Counts feature on RMLSweb. As you know, Listing View Counts allows listing agents to see how often the public and other subscribers are viewing their listings. To make Listing View Counts even better, we’ve added […]

Lockbox Activity – Halfway Through 2009

As you know, we’ve been tracking the number of times RMLS™ subscribers open Supra lockboxes in Oregon and Washington. Here’s how it looks mid-way through 2009. In Oregon, May was the high point with nearly 109,000 opens. For the year so far, total, there were 520,900 lockbox opens. The same held true in Southern Washington, […]