This week, RMLS™ continues featuring feedback gleaned from our Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. (If you’ve not read the first post on the subject, check out How Are We Doing? Subscriber Satisfaction Survey Results.)

Staff members find survey feedback invaluable. At a meeting earlier this week, one of our VPs noted how this survey directly impacts which projects get prioritized as RMLS™ plans for the coming year. We like to share results with subscribers as well, so here are some questions pertaining to how our subscribers access RMLS™ services.

Where do you normally get RMLS™ information?

Almost all (91.6%) of RMLS™ users obtain information through the RMLSweb desktop page. Besides the desktop page, the next largest source of information was the RMLS™ Weekly Report, which is sent via email each Monday. However, only about half of survey respondents (48.1%) claimed to get information this way. The RMLS Help Desk rounds out the top three at 24.9%.

While RMLS™ maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter, a very small number of people get RMLS™ information that way—likely because that presence is fairly minimal. In the next year, RMLS™ plans to examine that presence in order to improve

Subscriber comments included:
• “I know I can always call and count in you for help!”
• “I think agents…do what is easy—we don’t spend time educating ourselves on new stuff until we have to…but RMLS™ is really trying and that makes me want to try too!”
• “I would like to attend a RMLS training class.” [Ed. note: Check out the RMLS™ Training Calendars, or email to arrange for our trainers to come to you!]
• “When I am in RMLS, I am in there to work and don’t have a lot of time to read updates.”
• “All agents regardless of title need to read the information that you provide to us.”

Which RMLS™ office are you most likely to contact for assistance?

Our corporate office in Portland is used by 68.3% of our survey respondents, with the Vancouver, WA, office coming in next at 11.8%. Eugene rounded out the top three at 7.3%. The data suggests our Brookings and Florence offices offer the most personalized experience, as they both serve about 1% of our respondents.

How satisfied are you with the service at your primary RMLS office in the past year?

Exactly a 4.0, RMLS™ our subscribers are precisely halfway between “satisfied” and “delighted.”

Subscriber comments:
• “The staff is well versed in all areas, and answers your emails and returns calls promptly.”
• “Need a west side office. It is unreasonable for us Hillsboro people to be required to go to the airport. How would the east side people feel if you moved to Hillsboro?”
• “I can get everything I need from the Roseburg office.”
• “It would be beneifical to have a Mac on hand for your techs.”
• “Great staff, I love coming into your office.”

Next time, we’ll talk about how subscribers use RMLS™ training services.