Each month, RMLS™ takes RMLSweb offline for a few hours in order to perform system maintenance and make improvements to the system. In January, RMLS™ will be implementing several small features designed to improve the site for subscribers.

Unauthorized Access

RMLS™ is embarking on a project this month designed to eliminate unauthorized access of RMLSweb. We will begin reviewing accounts which have a history of excessive duplicate logins and/or logins from multiple geographic locations (within a short timeframe) and work with those users to ensure the security of RMLSweb.

The program is designed to reduce potential security risks for both RMLS™ and our subscribers and also to improve user experience. We’d like every user to enjoy their RMLSweb sessions the way they were designed to work.

RulesButtonReportRules Button
A new button will appear on RMLSweb‘s Agent Full and Data Only reports beginning January 31st that will enable subscribers to more easily submit concerns about a listing’s information to RMLS™ staff. Clicking the “Report an Issue” button below each listing on those reports will produce a pop-up window with a report subscribers can fill out and submit to the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations Department.

School Names
RMLSweb will update school names using proper case (Dundee vs. DUNDEE) and spell out most abbreviations (Falcon Heights vs. FALCON HTS). This will involve updating RMLSweb search fields and saved searches as well.

Increased Prospect Notifications
RMLSweb subscribers may currently receive notification of a prospect match up to three times a day. Starting January 31st, that frequency will be increased significantly, matching REALTORS® with prospective properties up to eight times throughout the day. As is currently the case, until the subscriber logs into RMLSweb to clear the matche(s), additional prospect notifications will not be sent.

SSPDefaultSSP As Default on Search
Currently, RMLSweb defaults to including Short Sale Pending (SSP) in default search parameters. The RMLS™ Board of Directors has requested this default be removed. Beginning January 31st, only ACT and BMP will remain as default statuses, and subscribers will need to select SSP if they wish to search those listings.

We hope subscribers find these tweaks to RMLSweb useful. If you have any questions regarding these changes, email Help Desk at helpdesk@rmls.com or call us at (503) 872-8002, or outside the Portland area at (877) 256-2169.