The RMLS™ Board of Directors recently set the price of a new SentriLock lockbox at $89, effective when RMLS™ transitions to the new lockbox system later this year.

Key prices for the SentriLock system have been set at $33 per quarter.

RMLS™ will be holding one-for-one lockbox exchange events in October or November, and details will be made available as they are finalized. Subscribers are advised to start preparing for these fall events now by determining the location of all their lockboxes, making sure the lockbox is registered to the correct individual or business.

Trainers and other RMLS™ staff have been demonstrating the new SentriLock equipment during scheduled office visits and Broker Education Series events. Subscribers are highly encouraged to request a demonstration when scheduling RMLS™ training at their office. Alternately, visitors may get to know the SentriLock equipment by visiting their local RMLS™ office. If both these options are unavailable, watch our SentriLock demonstration video online.

RMLS™ hopes to make the transition to the SentriLock system a smooth one for all subscribers. We will continue to pass information along as it develops. If you have any further questions along the way, never hesitate to call the RMLS™ Help Desk at (503) 872-8002 or (877) 256-2169.

“I have gone through many lockbox changes in my 35 years in real estate—but this is the first one I’m looking forward to. I believe the multiple features of the REALTOR® NXT lockbox will make our job easier: the Remote Access Device (RAD), larger key compartment, customized showing notifications and reports, and not having to cut a dead lockbox off a property, just to name a few!”

George Perkins
20/20 Properties, Inc.