RatePlug is now available to all RMLS™ subscribers!

RatePlug is a free service that allows homebuyers to view real-time mortgage products, payments, and other mortgage details specific to each property they view on RMLSweb. Read about RatePlug’s benefits.

When you sign up for RatePlug, what changes will you see on RMLSweb?


• A new “Client Full — RatePlug” option is now available in the drop-down list of available reports on each listing.


• Nearly every listing will show mortgage information to clients, based on the listing’s information.


• Subscribers who sign up for RatePlug can update their auto-email prospect profiles to utilize the new “Client Full — RatePlug” report.

To do so, go to “Prospecting” in the RMLSweb navigation bar and click on “Prospect Profiles.” Click on the name of a client to receive the RatePlug report. Click on the down arrow to the “Report:” field in the “Auto Email Information” section and select “Client Full — RatePlug” report. Then click “Save” at the top of the page.

Remember—RMLS™ subscribers pay no fee for this service, and you may work with lenders you’ve already established relationships with. Enroll for RatePlug on RMLS™ today!