The RMLS™ conversion to SentriLock is just weeks away!

We’re proud to say that as of September 25, we’ve had 6,207 subscribers register for one of our many conversion events—that’s nearly 60% of RMLS™ subscribers! All subscribers should have received at least one email from SentriLock by now, inviting them to register for an event. If you haven’t received yours, call SentriLock directly at (877) 433-6998 for assistance.

Wondering what to expect when you arrive at your selected conversion event? Here’s a walkthrough of how SentriLock and RMLS™ will be running each conversion event.

CHECK IN (10-15 minutes)

SentriLockCheckInSentriLock recommends arriving 15-20 minutes before your appointment.

When you arrive at the conversion event, head to the check in area. This is where you will drop off your existing Supra iBoxes and key. SentriLock staff will scan them in to verify ownership, so make sure before arrival that all your lockboxes are registered to you! If your dues haven’t been paid, you will be directed toward another table to take care of that before your training session begins.

If you have many boxes in your car and would like help bringing them in, SentriLock and RMLS™ staff will be available with hand trucks to assist—just come inside and ask a staff member about help with unloading.

If you are registered to attend the Oregon Convention Center conversion event, you can pull off the road on Holladay Street (the side of the building with MAX tracks)—SentriLock and RMLS™ will have staff stationed outside for bulk loading assistance.

TRAINING (45-60 minutes)

SentriLockTrainingAfter you have given your Supra iBoxes and key to the staff at check in, your training session will begin. Attendees will use the SentriLock equipment during the training, be guided through the SentriLock website, and be given the opportunity to ask questions about the new system. At the end of the class you will know how to open boxes, open shackles, assign boxes to listings, use your smartphone to open a key compartment, and other integral aspects of the SentriLock system.

While you’re being trained by the experts, SentriLock staff will be preparing your new lockboxes for you.

CHECK OUT (10 minutes)

SentriLockCheckOutOnce training is over, you will go to the new SentriLock box pickup area where your new equipment will be waiting for you. This will include a SentriCard®, SentriLock lockbox(es), RAD, and SentriCard® reader.

If you need help carrying boxes to your car, staff will again be available to help.


A standard conversion appointment should take no longer than 90 minutes from start to finish. SentriLock and RMLS™ both want subscribers to have a good experience, and we’ve streamlined the process as much as possible for efficiency.

A major issue that can delay you during the conversion appointment is if you arrive with Supra iBoxes registered in someone else’s name. If you bring in Supra iBoxes that are registered to another active RMLS™ subscriber, they will be set aside and once proper ownership is verified, we will get the proper owner a replacement SentriLock lockbox. This may not happen until well after the conversion, so it is critical to make sure all the boxes you bring are registered to you.

It is possible to keep your Supra key after your conversion appointment in order to ease the placement and removal of any additional Supra iBoxes you may have. You will need to come to a later conversion event and turn in your Supra key once you exchange the last of your Supra iBoxes.