RMLS™ rolled out updates earlier this week on RMLSweb to improve the site’s performance on tablet computers. In addition to the features we knew would be going live, we were able to work with our map vendor to squeeze in another improvement: the ability to draw map shapes on a tablet!

How do you do it? We prepared a short video demonstration (view at full screen to see important details):


A key to successful map shapes on your tablet is clicking to close the shape, using the button at the top of the map search interface.

(We’re using our RMLS™ pen to navigate, which is designed to convert easily between a ballpoint pen and a stylish stylus. Stop by your local RMLS™ office for one of your own!)

Let us know how this feature is working for you! RMLS™ has been excited for the release of these improvements and hope they make your job easier in the coming months. As usual, call the RMLS™ Help Desk if we can help: (503) 872-8002 or (877) 256-2169 toll free.