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Dear Technical Terry,

I noticed I’m getting SentriLock showing notifications sent to my email address. Is it possible to get them via text message?

New in Newberg

Fear not, New, you can certainly change how you get showing notifications. You just need to change a few preferences with your SentriCard® on the SentriLock website.

Insert your SentriCard® into the SentriLock card reader attached to your computer. Log in to the SentriLock website. On the left side of your screen, click on “Manage My Account.” Make sure the correct cell phone number is listed!

Toward the top of the screen, below the green bar, click on “Preferences.” Choose the showing notification preference you desire, and the delivery method desired, then click to save the changes to your SentriCard®.

Once that’s all done, you should get text messages as soon as the SentriLock system registers a showing—a much easier option than checking your email every few minutes. Good luck!

Hey Technical Terry,

How can I get my SentriLock notifications immediately? Like, as soon as the box is opened?

Listing Lisa

Thanks for your question, Lisa! The short answer is yes, there is a way for the SentriLock system to send out immediate showing notifications—but it is dependent on whether the agent showing the property follows SentriLock best practices.

Using a cellular device to open the lockbox—meaning either a remote access device (RAD) or the SentriSmart™ phone app—will send information immediately, provided the device is in cell range.

Using a RAD

Ideally an agent’s SentriCard® will stay in the RAD at all times, and he or she will access the SentriLock lockbox using a PIN.

If the lockbox is out of range of the RAD, an agent can use his or her SentriCard® at the box—they’d just need to place the card back in the RAD as soon as possible after opening the lockbox. The RAD will communicate showing information using its cellular radio—again, as long as the device is in cell range.

Using SentriSmart™

SentriSmart™, an app that is free for RMLS™ subscribers with key service, sends immediate showing notifications with no further action needed on the part of the agent showing a property.

RMLS™ subscribers are increasing their use of the SentriSmart™ app—about 17% of subscribers started using SentriSmart™ when it was released, versus about 27% of subscribers who use it now.

SentriSmart™ is free for RMLS™ subscribers who have key service. Download it for Android or Apple devices here:
Android SentriSmart™ phone app
Apple SentriSmart™ phone app
You’ll need to be running Android 2.2 or iOS 6 or higher to use SentriSmart™.

When using SentriSmart™, be aware that a showing notification is sent to the listing agent as soon as you generate a code to open the lockbox. If you generate a code just to see how it works, use one of your own lockboxes to avoid falsely generating a showing notice!

And one more note about RADs: RAD users, charge your RAD for a minimum of four hours weekly using a wall charger. The car charger is not intended to supply a full charge to the RAD, only to keep the RAD battery topped off while it’s in your car.

Hopefully that helps, Lisa. As more people learn about how vital the RAD is and/or start using SentriSmart™, the less you should be receiving delayed notifications. Tell all your REALTOR® friends!

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  1. Lost n Found August 17, 2015 at 7:12 am #

    It pays to keep cards renewed – I found a pair of prescription glasses left in one of my listings that was a revolving door for 2 days. With so many showings I used the “email all showing agents” option with notice of found glasses, and quickly received a response that someone’s client couldn’t remember where he ad left them and was greatful to not have to go to all the homes they viewed again, in search. Had that particular Agent not used the App or RAD immediate renewal, they would have not received the email and still be searching for them.

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