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Hey Technical Terry,

Something still confuses me about SentriLock: why do we have to wait for the buyer’s agent’s SentriCard®, phone, or RAD to find out about showing notifications, rather than the lockbox giving us notifications like the previous RMLS™ lockbox system?

Carl in Coburg

Thanks for the great question, Carl! In order for a lockbox system to send out showing notifications, it must have some form of cellular radio component. Both the SentriLock and Supra systems use similar technology in respect to this functionality: both systems rely on a cellular radio component that is not contained within the lockbox itself, but rather a secondary device. This could be the RAD, using the SentriSmart™ app on your cell phone, or inserting your SentriCard® into the desktop reader connected to a computer. While the perception remains that the Supra system worked differently in this area than the SentriLock system, they are actually quite similar.

Technical Terry—

HELP! I’m desperate to create a watch list of specific MLS numbers to keep my eye on. Is there a way on RMLSweb to save a list of MLS numbers?

Big Barry is Watching

You’ve got the will to do it, and we’ve got the way, Barry.

Keep your eye on a particular group of listings by following these steps:
• Create and run a search on RMLSweb.
• When on the results page, simply ‘check’ the listings you want to save.
• Remove listings that you do not want to save by clicking on the Checked button. This will keep ONLY the listings you’ve checked. (Note: the maximum number of listings you can save in one search is 300.)
• Navigate to the Search menu on the RMLSweb navigation bar and click on MLS #.
• When the MLS Number Search screen appears, click on the Checked IDs button in the middle of the screen. Your MLS numbers will appear in the blue box. Magic!
• Now click on the Save As button and name the group of MLS numbers to save the search. Notice there is a tab that says “Saved” next to the Search Criteria button to access your saved groups of MLS numbers.
• Access the list of saved MLS numbers by going back to the MLS number search option, clicking on the Saved tab, and choosing the list of MLS numbers you wish to search.

We’re happy to help you keep watch on those listings!


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  1. Traci Blackwell September 14, 2015 at 10:45 pm #

    This is fabulous, all this time and I never knew I could do this!!!!

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