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Dear Technical Terry-

Is there an easy way to get a listing report to fit on one page? Currently I click on PDF and then Print, but then the margins cut off the top of the page and leave lots of white space at the bottom. Sometimes the second page only has one or two lines of text, which is just a waste of paper.


Dear Marginalized:

First things first—whenever you’re printing from RMLSweb, use the Print button that appears on the site for best results. Here’s where to find it:


When you do not see a Print button within RMLSweb, use the browser’s File and Print command. You can get the same thing done by right-clicking and selecting Print.

Adjusting Print Margins

In the past there were specific margin settings to set in your browser to allow an Agent Full report to print on a single page. As browsers have evolved in number and versions, there are no longer “one size fits all” settings. Printing setup has become more complicated! Margin settings may vary between browsers and between printers, so you may need to set and adjust the margins on the machine you’re using to achieve your desired result.

If you’re embarking on a big print job, my colleagues at the RMLS™ Help Desk suggest that you test the print settings with a single listing first. If you need to alter the settings, you can do so before sending the whole kit and caboodle to print.

Here are some web links that provide instructions on accessing the print setup in a few major browsers:
• Internet Explorer print adjustment can be tricky. We recommend reading Printing from RMLSweb (Document #1769) in RMLSweb Forms and Documents.

In some rare instances, no matter how much margin adjusting you do, there will always be an additional page printed out instead of just printing to a single page. If that happens, turn the document into a PDF first, then delete the extra page or just print the one(s) you need.

Good luck! If you have further questions, contact the RMLS™ Help Desk at (503) 872-8002 or toll free at (877) 256-2169.

Technical Terry


Hello Technical Terry:

RMLS™ has certainly been making a hullaballoo about this new billing system that’s coming to RMLSweb. What’s the big deal? Can you talk a little more about it?

Will Billerston

Hello Will:

Ever force yourself to squeeze into a pair of pants that were two sizes too small? That’s essentially what RMLS™ has been doing the last several years with its existing accounting software. A core team of RMLS™ staff has been working with vendors for over a year on this project!

Here’s what it means for RMLS™ subscribers:
• RMLS™ will be able to accept more forms of payment
• A friendlier user interface than subscribers saw in Internet Member Services (IMS)
• Increased credit card security
• RMLS™ staff will be able to assist you with multiple types of issues in one call or visit
• Dual licensees will have just one set of login credentials, switching back and forth between licenses easily.

Want to read more about the improved RMLSweb billing system?

Changing a system that is such an integral part of RMLSweb is no easy task, but we’ve been trying to roll out the change slowly in order to avoid disruptions to YOUR access of RMLSweb. RMLS™ staff are really excited about the new system and hope subscribers enjoy it just as much as we do.



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  1. rd June 14, 2016 at 5:14 pm #

    I agree about the question of margins. My IT person has confirmed for me the issue with margins is a formatting issue on the end of RMLS – can you please check into this? It is a frustration for many.

    Currently the only way I can get the listing on one page is a workaround – to click on pdf then print from there. If you try to print based on your instructions nearly all printers will kick it to 2 pages.

    Based on my understanding I really think this is an issue that can be addressed by the RMLS IT department – not individual printer settings.

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