Watch List and Improved Share: Now Live on RMLSweb


RMLS™ released two projects on RMLSweb earlier this week that have been regularly requested by subscribers in recent years. The new Share button makes sharing a listing to social media a snap, and Watch List offers instant notification when key changes happen to a parcel of land or listing!


REALTORS® adding a listing on RMLSweb want to be able to market right away and the Share button offers a new, more convenient way to do so.

In Listing Load, switch to the Detail View tab. Clicking the Share button that appears above the report window will open a new browser tab with a mobile-friendly report featuring the first photo from the listing. The top of this report will feature buttons to easily share the listing on Facebook or Twitter.



REALTORS® hoping to keep their eye on a particular listing or parcel of land should find the new Watch List on RMLSweb to be a helpful tool for their business.

When viewing any listing on RMLSweb, click the button above the listing that says “Add to Watch List.” Properties already on the user’s watch list will have an orange button that says “Watching.”

Any parcel of land can be added to Watch List—even a property not on the market. Properties may be added to Watch List by using their tax record. REALTORS® approached by clients interested in purchasing a specific property may be notified when that property comes on the market.

Viewing all properties that have been added to Watch List is a snap—just select Watch List under the RMLSweb Prospecting tab. Up to 50 properties may be on a user’s list at any time.

This view of Watch List is also where RMLSweb subscribers may choose how they’re notified about listing status changes and the like. RMLS™ is able to notify agents via email or text message, either 24 hours a day or between the hours of 7am-10pm. Subscribers wishing to receive a text message should navigate to User Preferences and enter a text phone number which will ONLY be used for sending texts involving Watch List, if desired.

RMLS™ is excited about these two additions to RMLSweb, which were the direct result of subscriber requests. RMLS™ subscribers can always contact the RMLS™ Help Desk at (503) 872-8002 or (877) 256-2169 with questions or suggestions for future improvements.

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