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Good Afternoon, Technical Terry!

I don’t check my email often and my RMLSweb Watch List notification emails get buried. Last week I missed a property that went back on the market until it already had another accepted offer! That’s clearly not how you intended the service to work. What would you suggest?

Wheeler Dealer

Good Morning, Wheeler Dealer! What I would suggest is changing your Watch List to send notifications to you by text message.

Next time you’re on RMLSweb, select “Watch List” under the Prospecting menu on the navigation bar. This is your dashboard for Watch List. Under Options, you can select to receive notifications by text or email.

But wait—is that check box for the texting option greyed out? That’s because you need a number to use for texting! Hover over your name in the navigation bar to access User Preferences, then enter a number into the “Text Phone Number” field and save. Once the number has been saved, head back to Watch List and both text and email options should be available.

Remember, the RMLS™ Help Desk has staff that are happy to help if you need a little more assistance.


Dear TT,

I absolutely LOVE the new Watch List feature on RMLSweb! I have a problem though: I got my first text and thought I was being spammed, so I typed STOP to end them. (I’ve used this trick before to end unwanted text messages.) Now I’m afraid I’ve removed my ability to receive text messages about my Watch List items forever. Can you help me?

Textually Challenged

Dear TC,

It heartens me to hear of your interest in the Watch List feature on RMLSweb! It really does a great job of allowing you to passively watch either MLS numbers or Tax ID numbers based on numerous triggers. To date there have been over 14,000 Watch List items saved in RMLSweb by over 2,500 RMLS™ subscribers. In march alone, there were 15,700 Watch List texts sent!

While you are one of the first to report mistakenly opting out of the Watch List texts, I’m sure you won’t be the last. Readers that have either not set up any properties to watch or have not yet seen a text for a watched property, they look like this.

If you reply to the text message with the word STOP, this screen will appear.

Eagle-eyed readers probably notice that one can reinstate your phone number by texting START again.

If you mistakenly type STOP and want to reinstate your phone number to receive texts about your RMLSweb Watch List items, simply type and send the word START and you’ll receive the confirmation below.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Whether or not you’re textually challenged, it’s a breeze to restore your Watch List text messages! Good luck, TC.

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