RMLS™ is gearing up for its annual forms change on RMLSweb! Following an overnight outage [SEE UPDATES], later this spring subscribers will notice new supplements, co-lister access to in-progress listings, contract changes, the absence of map coordinates fields, and a variety of smaller changes.

Forms changes happen regularly on RMLSweb. Each change has been approved by the RMLS™ Forms Committee based on the feedback provided through hundreds of subscriber comments. Recommendations were then reviewed and approved by the RMLS™ Board of Directors.

Implementation of these changes is quite a task, largely on the part of the RMLSweb development team. An overnight outage will take place in late May or early June to allow for this extra work.

Once the forms change is live, here are a few of the biggest pieces you’ll see.

Three New Supplements

Floating homes will gain a supplement, as will townhouses/planned communities. If a listing is occupied by someone other than the homeowner, a non-owner occupant supplement will be available.

Removal of Map Coordinates

RMLS™ will remove all map coordinates fields (map column, map page, and map row) in this forms change. Map coordinates have not been required on RMLSweb listings since December 2013, and usage of these fields has dropped considerably since that time.

RMLS™ recognizes that some subscribers may still want to use map shapes in their work on the site, and many have saved searches that utilize these fields. RMLS™ trainers produced a brief (four minute) video that can help subscribers make the transition away from map coordinates easier.

Co-lister Access to In-progress Listings

Have you ever co-listed a property with another agent and been unable to work on the listing as a team until the listing was published on RMLSweb? A co-lister may be chosen when creating a listing in Listing Load, and that chosen co-lister will be able to edit or publish those listings along with the agent who initiated the work.

Listing Load Unabbreviated by Default  [SEE UPDATES]

RMLS™ does its best to use listing abbreviations that make sense, but SPRNKLR is much easier to decipher than PLB-ICE. Once this forms change project is live, Listing Load on RMLSweb will be unabbreviated by default, so you won’t need to have Document #1210, Listing Abbreviations, open in another browser tab to do your work. If you prefer the brevity of an abbreviated Listing Load (or like to challenge your knowledge of RMLSweb abbreviations), a button will be available allowing you to toggle between the two options.

Searchable DOM

Looking for homes that have been on the market for a while? Days on Market (DOM) will be searchable in Advanced Search for listings in active status.

State of Oregon Residency

Listings in Oregon will sport a new field to indicate whether or not the seller is a permanent resident of the state. This information is now required on OREF forms.

Contract Changes

Listing contracts will carry a space to list the license number of the REALTOR® and office, some small changes to language, and a few new selections in various fields. (See update below.)


Looking for More Detail?

Dig into this spring’s forms changes with the following:
View a complete summary of forms changes scheduled for this spring.
Preview revised input, and supplement listing forms. (Green highlights indicate new items, blue indicate items that have moved location, and yellow highlights indicate items which have been changed.)
Preview related changes to Oregon and Washington listing contracts.


UPDATE (May 3, 2017):

Contract changes will include some general housekeeping and the following:
• Listing contracts will include the license number of the REALTOR® and office in the signature section.
• Listing contracts will nclude the seller’s email in the signature section.
• The language regarding procuring cause in Section 3 will be removed, as the language was found to be redundant: “or (c) is the procuring cause of an agreement to sell the Property or lease the Property with an option to purchase.”

UPDATE (May 24, 2017):

The overnight outage to deploy the forms change project has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th at 10pm until Wednesday, June 7th at 6am.

During this time the maintenance mode version of RMLSweb will be available to search for listings and agent contact information. Data on the site will be read-only and users will not be able to save searches, create profiles, or enter listings.

UPDATE (June 6, 2017):

The enhancement to Listing Load, showing feature values in their unabbreviated form by default, will be released in late June.

UPDATE (October 27, 2017):

On October 31st, RMLS™ will release a few more edits to this year’s forms change, the result of subscriber feedback received after the initial release.

  • The Seller Perm. Oregon Resident Y/N field will change from being required to being unrequired. (Oregon only)
  • Pending HOA Litigation Y/N: The field will be changed from unrequired on the Condo Supplement to required. In addition, the field will change from Yes/No to Yes/No/Unknown.