A Facelift for Maps on RMLSweb (Updated June 20)


Maps on RMLSweb are getting a facelift next week—and although they’ll have a different look, features will largely stay the same.

RMLSweb maps, which are currently powered by Microsoft’s Bing, will be making a big change in the coming days. This requires RMLS™ to make some changes to RMLSweb to keep maps on the site up and running.

The new interface is cleaner, easier, and more mobile friendly—but subscribers will notice that nearly all the current mapping features on RMLSweb will remain the same.

Map layers, map shapes, includes, and excludes are still available to target a search. Toggle buttons make it clear when the map is in drawing mode versus navigation mode. Larger buttons, less reliant on text, should make using the new interface easier for mobile users.

The one exception to the features available in this new look? The birds-eye view of maps won’t be available right away, but may return later as Microsoft improves its Bing product.

Map Checked properties will sport buttons to produce driving directions with the image of a car, and printable maps with the image of a printer. List and Map buttons toggle between two views of the same information.

Look for the visual changes to RMLSweb maps starting Wednesday, June 21st on RMLSweb!

UPDATE (June 20, 2017):

RMLS™ trainers have created a brief video (4:50) to demonstrate the new mapping interface.



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