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On February 5, 2020 Remine will release new features that provide relevant solutions to everyday agent needs. Below you’ll find an overview of new features that will be available to subscribers.

Client Facing Updates

Invite Co-Buyers

Your clients are now able to invite a co-buyer to share in the home buying journey. They can invite multiple co-buyers who then become associated with you, the agent.

invite co-buyer screen shot

Agent Profile Redesign

The agent profile has a fresh new look and feel. This gives you a more prominent, sophisticated profile page. This feature also includes a static ‘contact me’ card – encouraging prospective clients to contact you instantly. Simply scroll down to view active and recently sold listings. As before, you are still able to make edits to your profile via your settings.

screen shot of updated agent profile page

Client Chat

You’re now able to chat with your clients, their co-buyers, and other agents within Remine. This new chat feature has a social media type feel – giving clients the everyday usability they crave while keeping the agent at the center of the home buying experience.

screen shot of client chat

Agent Facing Updates

All Carts

This feature adds a ‘master cart’ function. By selecting ‘All Carts,’ you’re able to view a single list of every property you have within all of your carts. This allows you to sort properties, search for a specific address, manage columns, and perform bulk actions such as sending mailers, printing mailing labels, and exporting all properties into a CSV.

all carts screen shot

Customize Print Reports

We know what you put in front of your client is extremely important. As a result, you are now able customize sections in all printable reports – including which AVMs you would like to include in your reports and other sections such as: Public Record, Schools, Demographics, Property History, Valuation, and Associated People.

print preview option for multiple reports

Public Record Data ‘One-Pager’

This feature enables you to compose a condensed, one-page version of a property’s public record data, with the option to include valuations.

Print preview option screen shot

Deeds & Plats

You now can purchase deeds and plats via Remine! This helps you ensure that the ownership of a property is clear when the deed is considered “clean.” Deeds & plats can be purchased using credits for $7/deed and $1/plat.

Advanced Flood Maps

Gone are the days of needing multiple flood tools. You can now toggle on and off the flood boundaries to get a better representation of where the property structure lies on the flood map. *This feature is available exclusively on Remine Pro.

flood zone layer screen shot