The concept of Front End of Choice is, quite simply, all about choice. RMLS™ built and operated its own front end, RMLSweb, for the last 20 years. This allows us to shape our own destiny and keep a tight hold on the reins, keeping costs low while also allowing us to respond to subscriber needs in a timely, effective manner.

However, this does not always guarantee that RMLSweb is the perfect answer for each subscriber. Front End of Choice allows a greater amount of flexibility by providing several different ways of interacting with the RMLS™ database. 

Front End of Choice is just what it sounds like — we want to offer subscribers more than one way to access listing tools and features. Brokers purchase tools to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Front End of Choice allows more variety, more opportunity to stand out and showcase their services to clients. 

We are very excited to offer Paragon MLS as our first Front End of Choice option, so here is a look at what it can do for you.

Background info on Paragon

Paragon is a multiple listing service system designed by Black Knight, a software provider for real estate and other industries. More than 200 listing and affiliate services utilize Paragon nationwide, and both Black Knight and RMLS™ are excited to collaborate on this offering for our subscribers.

Pricing and timing for Paragon at RMLS™

We want to be completely clear: RMLSweb is not going away. Subscribers are not required to use Paragon. RMLSweb is included in the baseline RMLS™ quarterly dues by default. Paragon is an elective option as part of Front End of Choice, not a mandatory change. Subscribers must inform RMLS™ if they want to use Paragon. To opt in, contact the Front Desk and let them know are interested in using Paragon once it is ready.

Black Knight is offering a free three-month trial period of use, beginning the first week of July. Then, beginning in Q4 2020 (October through December), Black Knight will offer Paragon at a discounted rate of $45/quarter. Starting in 2021, Paragon will cost $60 per quarter. Since Paragon is an elective option, this cost is on top of regular RMLS™ service fees.

Making use of Paragon at RMLS™

Beginning the week of July 6, RMLS™ and Black Knight will host hour-long webinars to introduce subscribers to the Paragon front end, to the Paragon Collaboration Center, to Paragon Connect, and to CRS Data’s MLS Tax SuiteThese sessions will provide an overview of capabilities and features they provide. In addition, we will release videos, podcasts and other materials to explain Paragon’s many features.

The responsive design is a key factor, one of the main reasons RMLS™ is excited to roll out Paragon for our subscribers. Some online portals work well on a computer but are less reliable on a mobile device. Paragon is equally effective on a desktop, phone or tablet.

Here is a sneak peek at what you will see if you choose to use Paragon:

Paragon MLS Wizard
When you first log into Paragon, you will see a setup wizard to help you get started.
The Collab Center to the right of your Paragon dashboard makes it easy to stay on top of communication with your buyers and sellers.
Paragon Connect is a helpful website with many resources, including Paragon Academy.
CRS Data's useful MLS Tax Suite is integrated with Paragon for easy tax record searching.

Please note that each Paragon portal is unique to the MLS that it serves. While other multiple listing services — such as the Willamette Valley MLS — use Paragon, no data sharing takes place between two Paragon systems.

Continue to use RMLSweb Listing Load to Maintain Listings and Photos

Click the button in this menu to access RMLSweb while in Paragon

While Paragon will appeal to mobile device users — and will seamlessly integrate the Collab Center, CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite and other features — RMLSweb will continue to be the cornerstone of your listing management.

Listing Load will continue be used by subscribers, whether they opt into Paragon or not. Inside Paragon a button located in the dashboard will take you directly to RMLSweb to manage your listings, including such actions such as:

  • Creating a listing
  • Adding or editing photos
  • Adding open house and broker tour info
  • Changing a listing price
  • Updating the listing status (active, pending, sold, etc.)

Preparing for Paragon at RMLS™

As we get closer to July, more information will be shared via our weekly newsletter, on RMLSweb Desktop News and elsewhere. Please contact the Help Desk with any questions.