Ask Technical Terry Silhouette

Dear TT,

During the pandemic I’ve really had a chance to take a closer look at some of the wonderful products the RMLS™ Board of Directors has approved for our use. My goodness, there are some good tools available but the one I’m most interested in is Remine. I watched the demonstration when the product first hit the market but was a bit discouraged by how expensive the Pro version was – at almost $200 per month I’d really have to stay busy to rationalize paying for it. I was talking with a fellow REALTOR® last week and they said they’d heard the Remine Pro version was now included in the tools we have to use for no additional cost – is that true? If so – THANK YOU!!

Farming for leads in Fairview

Hi FF,

It IS true!! The RMLS™ Board of Directors recently agreed to provide the Remine Pro product to you for no cost, meaning the $200 per month some subscribers were paying to get the amazing benefit of Remine Pro is now available to all RMLS™ subscribers. Included in the Pro version is the ability to save up to 10,000 carts of property listings (think of a cart as a collection of specific property addresses) and the elimination of the $3.00 per contact fee. Remine Pro also has every conceivable property filter available to really fine tune your farming activities. Generating mailing labels to farm specific areas based on tangible knowledge about the propensity to sell or buy is a huge deal – no longer do you have to “shotgun market” with your valuable marketing dollars. Now you can send marketing materials to property addresses that might actually be ready to buy or sell!

I’m only touching on a small portion of what Remine Pro can do for you – I would strongly suggest either attending one of the RMLS™-led Remine webinars or checking out the Remine teaching webinars by going to the Support Center when logged in to Remine.

Happy Farming!


Dear TT,

I swear to you, I’m a very calm person, but if my buyers get one more prospecting email where the listing agent has altered the price by $5 both they and I are gonna scream!! Why do my fellow REALTORS® do this?? It’s sooooooooo frustrating for my buyers! Please tell me there’s a rule about this?

Hopeful in Happy Valley

Hi HH,

Oh. My. Gosh. I hear you loud and clear! I’m not sure where that form of “marketing” came from but honestly it really IS irritating. Your timing could not be any better however, as just last week our amazing developers released new functionality to the Prospecting module of RMLSweb. This new feature allows you to define the amount of price change the system will use to determine triggering email notification to your clients. When you are looking at your clients Prospecting search, notice in the Frequently Used list of fields a new Price Change option is available. You can define the $ amount of change and the days back. This would allow you to restrict RMLSweb from sending new matches to your client unless the change was more than $1,000 as an example. So now you do have full control over this area of RMLSweb, something both you and your clients will likely enjoy!