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The Lifecycle of a Reported Issue (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we covered how to report issues and inaccuracies to our Data Accuracy department. In this edition, we’ll cover how matters are reviewed and processed. Step 2: Review Our Data Accuracy team will begin processing these submissions in the order they are received. Sometimes we receive several notifications about the […]

The Lifecycle of a Reported Issue (Part 1)

Without accurate data it would be very difficult to perform real estate transactions with any confidence. RMLS has a number of tools to identify inaccuracies in the data but our subscribers are the most important by far. Subscribers are experts in their fields and in their neighborhoods and communities. RMLS relies on them to spot […]


MLS Aligned Announces Acquisition of Agent Inbox

MLS Aligned, a partnership of five forward-thinking Multiple Listing Services that includes RMLS, has announced the acquisition of Agent Inbox technology and intellectual property. MLS Aligned will build upon Agent Inbox in order to offer an integrated tool for messaging and scheduling showings to agents and brokers. MLS Aligned believes that the Agent Inbox system […]

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Ask Technical Terry: How to Use 3rd Party Products

Dear TT I am a fairly new subscriber to RMLS, and I’m interested in figuring out how to use all the additional tools RMLS offers us subscribers. It’s a pretty big difference compared to the last MLS I was a member of – they provided the base MLS system and that was it. Any additional […]

RMLS by the Numbers 2020

Here we go again! RMLS celebrates another year working hard for thousands of subscribers across Oregon and Southwest Washington by presenting an annual collection of numbers. These numbers show just how much RMLS has supported real estate activity over the course of 2020. We hope you enjoyed journeying along with us. Compare the numbers below […]

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The Paragon Advantages: Ask Technical Terry

Dear Technical Terry, I know it has been several months since the introduction of the Paragon MLS system and I recall there being a free trial period. Is that still available and why would I want to try Paragon? Curious in Coos Bay Hi CC, It has been a few months since the roll out […]

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2020 Deployment Highlights: Ask Technical Terry

Dear TT, Some of my REALTOR® friends and I were chatting recently about RMLS™ and how many cool tools we now have available for us. We tried to think about all the new “stuff” that has been provided to us just this year and while I’m sure we remembered a lot of the things could […]

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2020 Subscriber Trends: Areas for Improvement

This week we continue examining the 2020 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey results and look at areas where we can aim to make improvements in 2021.  Previously we looked at the COVID-19 effect as well as service areas where we received new high scores. High quality service is always a goal for RMLS™. In order to improve […]