Ask Technical Terry Silhouette

Dear TT,
I was chatting with a long-term Realtor in my office recently about farming (you know, how to wrangle up clients to list with you in an area you specialize in – not how to grow corn! They gave me the history of how they performed their farming strategies prior to Remine, and then told me how Remine has saved them a ton of marketing dollars. 

I couldn’t quite grasp what they were telling me, and honestly, I didn’t want to take up any more of their time explaining the concept to me. Can you help? What is it about Remine that is so great when it comes to farming?
Questioning in Quail Valley

Hi QQ,
The veteran Realtor in your office shared a really valuable perspective with you. Remine allows you to farm in a way not possible before the days of “big data” and “artificial Intelligence” became commonplace. Remine has access to a TON of consumer data, including mortgage information, that is used to analyze the potential to sell based on known historical tendencies. This is based on many variables that you can custom select when running searches in Remine. The product doesn’t simply identify homeowners more likely to sell but can offer a turn-key solution in generating marketing materials and sending them on your behalf to homeowners that meet your criteria.

Examples of filters you can use to target your marketing/farming dollars include:

  • Property Value
  • Ownership Time
  • Equity
  • Mortgage rate %
  • Sell Score
  • Mortgage age
  • Absentee owner

Keep in mind that we offer Remine classes every month and the classes qualify for OR continuing education credit!  We also offer one-on-one sessions where you can schedule personal training time with an RMLS Trainer. To register for this type of assistance, simply go to the Training Registration module in RMLSweb, navigate to the one-on-one option and pick the day and time that works for you. Time slots are in one-hour increments, and you can book as many time slots as you want. This gives you a chance to really explore with the help of a Trainer.

Hope this helps Q!