Annual Forms Change: Listing Agreements to be Updated January 2020 (Updated January 8)

Annual Forms Change: Listing Agreements to be Updated January 2020 (Updated January 8)

RMLS™ is preparing to release phase 2 of its annual forms change on RMLSweb. In late January subscribers will notice revisions to the Oregon and Washington listing contracts.

Forms changes happen regularly on RMLSweb. Each change has been approved by the RMLS™ Forms Committee based on the feedback provided through hundreds of subscriber comments. Recommendations were then reviewed and approved by the RMLS™ Board of Directors.

Implementation of these changes is quite a task, largely on the part of the RMLSweb development team. The first phase of this years annual forms change was released in an overnight outage that took place on the night of December 9th. Phase 1 of the forms change project included a new supplement (New Construction), a redesign of the input sheets and supplement forms, and other changes to enhance the information available about property listed in the MLS.

Here is an overview of the changes that will be made to the Oregon and Washington listing contracts later in January 2020:

Layout Change [Oregon and Washington]

To help with readability of the forms, blank rows have been added between paragraphs. Row numbers will not appear on blank rows. In addition, when a paragraph includes “…a)….b)….c)…”, each of these will be placed onto it’s own indented row.

Brokerage Fee [Oregon and Washington]
UPDATED (January 8, 2020): Redline below was updated to include “…of the selling price or option exercise price of the Property…”

The following sentence was added to the “Brokerage Fee” section:
From the brokerage fee an amount equal to _____% of the selling price or option exercise price of the Property or $ _____ will be offered to Cooperating Firm (BAC).

Right to Compensation [Oregon and Washington]

In the last paragraph of the “Right to Compensation” section, the first sentence is now bolded.

Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement [Oregon]

The first sentence was updated to better denote the Oregon Revised Statute: “As required by Oregon law, SELLER will complete the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement accurately based upon SELLER’s personal knowledge and information as required under ORS 105.464.

Signature Section [Oregon]

In the signature section of the Oregon listing agreement, the dedicated fields for Participant Broker signature have been removed. In it’s place, fields were added to denote the address of the Broker’s Firm.

General Housekeeping [Oregon and Washington]

In both the Oregon and Washington contracts, some general housekeeping edits were made. One example is changing “…FIRM’S…” to “…FIRM’s…” and “…SELLER’S…” to “…SELLER’s…” to match formatting through out both contracts.

Looking for More Detail?

Dig into this phase 2 forms change:

Annual Forms Change: Listing Agreements to be Updated January 2020 (Updated January 8)

Photo Loader Woes, Portland Move: Ask Technical Terry

Ask Technical Terry Silhouette

Ask Technical Terry is a series RMLS™ aims to offer once a month. RMLS™ subscribers will drive the content—submit any question about RMLS™ to Technical Terry in the comments or by emailing Don’t be shy—we won’t identify you by name.

Technical Terry:

Aaaaargh!!!! Does every subscriber have the same issues I do when uploading or reordering photos in the Listing Load Photo Manager? I’ll reorder photos, save my work, then discover that not only was my new order not saved but sometimes the photos disappear! Am I the only one having this issue? What can I do?

POed in Portland


Not all RMLS™ subscribers are having the issue but you’re not the only one who is. And I’m glad to tell you, today is a new day! Our development team has created a tool you can use if you’re having that issue again.

Behold—the new Refresh button on the RMLSweb Photo Loader!

Here’s how it works: if you’re using the Photo Manager and believe your listing photos have disappeared, reordering hasn’t happened, or are experiencing some other issue, click the Refresh button above the image preview (see above). This will refresh the work done inside the Photo Manager (like refreshing a web browser) and the issue should be resolved.

If you find that this new tool is not resolving the issue, there could be something else at play. One behavior the RMLS™ Help Desk has noticed while working with subscribers is that if someone is uploading a batch of photos and closes the Photo Manager window before processing is 100% complete, using the new Refresh button is not going to magically restore the whole batch.

The majority of Photo Manager issues have been fixed by using the Refresh button though, and that should have a profound impact on you and other subscribers who have been experiencing this issue. If you use it and the issue persists though, contact the RMLS™ Help Desk and they’ll do their best to assist!

Technical Terry

Dear ATT:

I remember hearing a while back that the RMLS™ office in Portland is going to move. When is that move happening? Where will you be?

Roman Realtor

Dear RR:

What a timely question! The Portland office will be moving in just a couple of weeks, but other parts of RMLS™ will see some impacts as well.

First things first: as we reported back in August, the new office location will be in Southwest Portland at 16101 SW 72nd Avenue. The office in Northeast Portland will close its doors at 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday, November 1st. On Monday, November 4th, the office will remain closed, but we plan to be open and available for RMLS™ subscribers on Tuesday, November 5th! We also plan to invite subscribers in for an open house a few weeks after we’ve settled in.

While the office in Portland is in transition, the RMLS™ Help Desk and Front Desk will still be available for questions by phone and via email, as we utilize staff across the region to assist subscribers through those methods.

Once the Portland office has moved, the RMLS™ office in Clark County will close at 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday, November 8th in order to do some office maintenance involving furniture. We’ll still have staff on email and phones ready to assist, and otherwise Clark County REALTORS® are advised to plan to do any office business that morning.

We’ll have up-to-date information posted on the RMLSweb desktop as needed, so don’t forget to check there for the latest!

Technical Terry

Annual Forms Change: Listing Agreements to be Updated January 2020 (Updated January 8)

RMLS™ Taps Into TimeTap

Need to register for a training class at your local RMLS™ office?

RMLS™ recently replaced its training and event registration administration, integrating TimeTap on RMLSweb! This scheduling software is more intuitive to users, saving RMLS™ subscribers time when they wish to reserve a spot in a RMLS™ training class or at an external RMLS™ event.

Check TimeTap out on RMLSweb under the Toolkit menu. Select “Training Registration,” and TimeTap will guide you through the steps needed to find and register for a class.

Once a location is selected, all the training opportunities for that location will appear in a list, along with a brief description of each. Select the class, then a list of available dates will appear, with availability for each. The final step is to submit your personal information and submit via the “Save” button on the top right.

Special events that RMLS™ hosts, such as Broker Education Series (BES) events, will have a separate registration link.

TimeTap has been live on RMLSweb for about a month, and in that time subscribers have reported very few issues with the new system. We hope that this convenient registration process will make things easier and save time for all RMLS™ subscribers who wish to attend training.

Annual Forms Change: Listing Agreements to be Updated January 2020 (Updated January 8)

Remine Gets a Refreshed Look and More Features

Remine on Laptop in Cafe

Remine, available through RMLSweb since March, is getting a new look and some new features! This tool, which gives REALTORS® modern tools and a wealth of data for prospecting, made a series of changes to the site on September 30th.

Aside from a refreshed look, REALTORS® who explore the site will find two notable terminology changes: what used to be “Track” is now “Cart,” and what was called “Discover” is now “Search.”

Remine rolled out a public-facing website which REALTORS® can use for lead generation and to work with active clients to share property listings. Before members of the public may view properties on this site, they must choose an agent to work with as part of the registration process. In some cases these are new leads, and REALTORS® may log in to the site to connect with these future clients. (This client-facing site features a coral version of the Remine branding whereas the REALTOR® side features the color blue…you’ll be able to tell at a glance if you’re looking at the proper site!)

The company also launched their Remine mobile app (available through Google Play or Apple’s App Store), which REALTORS® may use to easily message clients or upload contacts from their device, along with using all the other functions of the full website.

RMLS™ users will have access to the starter version of the Remine site. REALTORS® who upgrade to the Pro version will have access to additional tools such as advanced search options, document management, a higher limit on carted/tracked properties, client credit reports, and more.

Remine Logo
Annual Forms Change: Listing Agreements to be Updated January 2020 (Updated January 8)

RMLS™ Welcomes Immoviewer

immoviewer Logo

RMLS™ is excited to announce a new benefit for RMLS™ subscribers that will be available beginning October 8th! RMLS™ will soon offer immoviewer to all RMLS™ subscribers, which will automatically create unbranded listing videos and unbranded video landing pages directly from listing photos on RMLSweb.

This basic immoviewer service will be provided to all RMLS™ subscribers at no charge and each video will be created automatically, requiring no action on the part of the REALTOR®. A video will be created once the listing has three or more images and the listing has been published.

The free video and landing page, which are compliant with the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations, will include the first 15 photos uploaded to RMLSweb in the order uploaded. REALTORS® may then download the resulting video and use anywhere for marketing.

Immoviewer will create a 3D 360° account for each RMLS™ subscriber as well. These tours, which feature other multimedia elements, can be uploaded by a photographer or produced by a REALTOR® using a standard 360° camera. One free 3D 360° tour will be included with each account and RMLS™ subscribers may purchase additional tours separately for $25 each or via an annual subscription for $69.

Once immoviewer is live on RMLSweb, the company will send a welcome email and begin creating videos for the previous two weeks of published listings. Subscribers who wish to opt out of using immoviewer may click the proper link in that welcome email or send a request via email. The company plans to offer webinars in the future.

RMLS™ is excited to provide this opportunity for subscribers, and hope the service will add convenience to your real estate business. Look out for your welcome email and first video tour links beginning next week!

Learn more about immoviewer on their RMLS™ landing page.

Annual Forms Change: Listing Agreements to be Updated January 2020 (Updated January 8)

Listing Load Filter: Ask Technical Terry

Ask Technical Terry Silhouette

Ask Technical Terry is a series RMLS™ aims to offer once a month. RMLS™ subscribers will drive the content—submit any question about RMLS™ to Technical Terry in the comments or by emailing Don’t be shy—we won’t identify you by name.

Dear TT:

I am so frustrated! Ever since Listing Load got updated, whenever I start a new listing and save it as in progress I’ll come back later to finish it, and it’s GONE! Sometimes this happens several times per listing! I’ll then call the RMLS™ Help Desk and they help me see all the in-progress listings I’ve started. What the heck is going on?

Tired in Tigard

Dear TT:

How frustrating! As you’ve experienced when contacting the RMLS™ Help Desk, your listings are still there but the new “filter” option is set with criteria that keeps the listings from appearing on your screen. Let me show you how to access the filter and change the settings.

The filter button is located here on Listing Load.

Notice there are three unique tabs available in Listing Load: Listings, In-Progress, and My Inventory. The filter button gives you unique options for each tab as shown here.


Notice the variety of filtering options you have available! Also note the ability to clear all filter values, and apply the filter values you’ve chosen. Don’t forget “Save Criteria” if you want the filter to retain your choices for that particular tab!


Once again, so many options! Again you’ve got the ability to clear all filter values, apply the filter values you’ve chosen, and and save the criteria to retain your choices for that particular tab.


Again you’ve got a cornucopia of options, the ability to clear all filter values, apply the filter values you’ve chosen, and save the criteria for that particular tab.

Since we’re on the topic, I’ve also heard that the RMLS™ Help Desk staff has gotten plenty of calls from subscribers wondering why they can’t edit their listing in the My Inventory tab. The My Inventory tab is simply that: it shows your inventory based on the filter settings you’ve applied. All editing capabilities are performed under either of the other two tabs.

I hope this helps, TT. Just remember, if you’ve saved a listing in progress and it seems to have disappeared when you come back to RMLSweb, check the filter! I’d bet you’ll find a filter option has been chosen that keeps the listing from appearing.

Technical Terry

Dear Technical Terry:

Why do you sign some of your responses “Ask Technical Terry?” Typically, one signs a letter or email using his or her name.

Ward Smith

Dear Ward Smith:

Great question! Indeed—sometimes I use my full name, which includes my first name Ask (from Norse mythology), sometimes I use initials, and in one of the blog posts I reviewed I forgot to sign off at all! I’m so embarrassed. Be assured that these oversights were made in the pursuit of quality content for RMLS™ subscribers.

A. Technical Terry