The RMLSweb Annual Forms Change is Coming on July 29th

The RMLSweb Annual Forms Change is Coming on July 29th

OregonListingFormRMLS™ is ready to start rolling out the results of this year’s forms change project! On Wednesday, July 29th, subscribers will see a brand new Green/Energy Supplement form, additional options for Showing Instructions, and much more.

These regular changes are the result of hundreds of subscriber suggestions and the hard work of the RMLS™ Forms Committee and RMLSweb development team.

What’s Changing?

A few highlights:
• Green/Energy Supplement Form: The use of sustainable building technology continues to grow, and this year RMLS™ is moving a scattered number of green features into the Green/Energy Supplement form, available for any residential listing. On this form, agents can note details about a home’s green certification and its use of solar energy. Agents also have an opportunity to provide additional remarks about aspects of green building and energy features on a property.
• Text to Show: Prefer to be texted when a buyer’s agent wants to show a property? Showing Instructions will now include options to text the listing agent, tenant, or owner. Not everyone prefers texting though, and another new option will exist to email the listing agent.
• Multiple Tax IDs in One Listing: Subscribers listing large parcels of land that stretch across multiple tax lots now have the option of including up to three total Tax IDs per listing. (If you’ve got more than three Tax IDs, you’ll still need to note those in the legal description or private remarks field.)
• Dual Living: RMLS™ currently lists a separate on-site dwelling unit in multiple places, including Accessibility Features and Additional Structures Supplement. A new field in Advanced Search, Dual Living Y/N, will identify residential listings where any of these dual living setups have been indicated.

Looking for more detail? View a complete summary of forms changes scheduled for July 29, 2015 or preview the contract, input, and supplement listing forms. Fields highlighted in green are new, orange fields have been modified, and blue highlights mean the field has moved.

A Longer Outage Needed for Forms Change

Improvements take time. July’s RMLSweb maintenance outage will take longer than usual to allow for this extra work. Plan now, as RMLSweb will be in maintenance mode (search only) from 10pm Tuesday, July 28th until 6am Wednesday, July 29th.

And Coming Soon…

Expect even more this fall. Other improvements to be released later this year as part of the forms change project include a brand new photo uploader and a new listing status, Pending Lease Option (POP).

RMLSweb continually improves when subscribers talk back to us about the system. We hope subscribers appreciate this work and will continue to share comments and questions! If you have questions about these new features, contact the RMLS™ Help Desk at (503) 872-8002 or (877) 256-2169.



The RMLSweb Annual Forms Change is Coming on July 29th

Annual Forms Change: The Details

FormsChangeSummaryAs noted in last week’s preview of the forms changes coming this year to RMLSweb, the RMLS™ Forms Committee meets each year to review subscriber suggestions and recommend changes to RMLSweb listing input forms. After changes are approved by the RMLS™ Board of Directors, our staff works diligently to execute the changes as soon as possible.

We’re just about ready to unveil the results of this annual project! Here are a few of the biggest differences you’ll notice after the changes go live:

  • Public Remarks Increased: the Public Remarks field will increase in size from 380 to 440 characters.
  • Farm Y/N?: a new Farm Y/N field will be available for residential listings. Removing FARM from the property type field will allow the Property Type of Detached or Residential-Manufactured to be selected. Choosing Y will provide the Farms Supplement form, which can be used by the listing agent to fully describe the property.
  • Offer/Negotiation: the Offer/Negotiation field will now be required. This field indicates instructions for presenting offers and negotiations, such as Call Listing Agent, Listing Agent Only, Seller Directly, or See Documents.
  • Map Coordinates: the Map Page, Map Column, and Map Row fields (which make up Map Coordinates) will remain required for listings in the following counties: Clackamas, Columbia, Curry, Lane, Multnomah, Washington, and Yamhill. In all other areas, it will be optional.
  • Export Reports: Export Reports will have additional fields added to the end of reports.

We’ve prepared more documentation for those who wish to read more detail. View a brief summary document of the annual forms change, and a color-coded PDF showing changes to the Data Input Forms and Listing Contracts.

HotsheetPriceChangeWe’ll be updating two other small projects as well. First, we’ll be tweaking the Hotsheet Search to include an option to search for a specific price change amount. Agents will soon be be able to run a Hotsheet Search (left) to find listings that have increased or decreased in price.

Finally, we’ll also be restoring four hour session times! Our Unauthorized Access project reduced session times in February, meaning accounts were logged out after 90 minutes of inactivity. Subscriber feedback prompted RMLS™ to reconsider, and we’re restoring the previous four hour sessions.

Changing so many pieces of RMLSweb requires a longer outage than our regular monthly maintenance. We expect these changes to require a lengthy outage—possibly as long as 12 hours. As with our regular maintenance outages, a Maintenance Mode version of RMLSweb will be available, available to subscribers only for search purposes.

RMLS™ puts much thought and care into developing the best system for regional REALTORS®. We hope our subscribers appreciate this work and will continue to share comments and questions!

The RMLSweb Annual Forms Change is Coming on July 29th

Annual RMLSweb Forms Change Preview

RMLSweb_logoEach year the RMLS™ Forms Committee convenes in order to improve RMLSweb for users. After carefully reviewing suggestions submitted throughout the year by other subscribers, the Forms Committee recommends changes to the listing input forms, which are then reviewed and voted on by the RMLS™ Board of Directors.

After that vote, it’s time for RMLS™ staff to get to work! New code is written and tested behind-the-scenes—and once all the pieces are in place, a 12-hour outage is required to make the improvements for the year.

We anticipate the annual forms change to take place in early June. This will require a 12 hour outage of RMLSweb. We want to make sure subscribers have plenty of notice so they can plan ahead and avoid difficulties when the system is in maintenance mode.

Here are some highlights to expect from the forms change project this year:

  • Green Options: we’ve increased the variety and types of green options in RMLSweb. This includes indicating a home’s location near bikeways and multi-use paths, and additional energy efficiency features like photovoltaic panels.
  • Public Remarks Increased: the Public Remarks field will increase in size from 380 to 440 characters!
  • Schools: an option to select up to two elementary and/or high schools will now be available. In some areas, homes are on a boundary between school districts and may choose where their child attends—REALTORS® will be able to reflect this circumstance in their listings.
  • Homeowner Associations (HOA): the HOA field will now be required for all residential and land listings as a yes/no. This is an attempt to alleviate surprises on buyers, who may not find out about HOA fees until after purchasing a property.

We’ll be rolling out more details in the next few weeks as the project nears completion—including the exact date and time of the outage. Check in with the RMLS™ blog regularly for the latest!