RMLS™ subscribers got an easier way to communicate with us about data inaccuracies when the Report Issue button (above) was added to the bottom of all Agent Full reports during our RMLSweb system improvements in January.

RulesButtonReportSince it was released on January 30th, more than 2,000 issues have been reported (averaging about 400 per month)!

If you haven’t yet explored this feature, when the Report Issue button is clicked a form pops up with the listing number and other identifying information already filled in (right). There is a menu of 12 options that can be selected.

Look below to see how the options ranked in the number of reports we have received.


Other is partly a catch-all of general inquiries, but one category that comes up frequently is corrections to the Comparable Information section for sold listings. We have even received compliments for the listing agent in this category. We were thrilled to read this issue report:

Please let the listing agent know what a great job she did on this listing. All the information is there that I need to help my client.

Vallerie Bush and Wanda Kennedy make up the RMLS™ team that ensures all reported data inaccuracies get resolved, and they are enthusiastic about this boost for RMLS™ data accuracy. (In addition to responding to issues reported through the Report Issue button, they field many phone calls and emails.) Wanda says:

I have only heard good things regarding the rules button. The subscribers say it saves them so much time. When they see something wrong with a listing they can send it in right then and there. I think it was a great idea!

Vallerie adds,

It is faster and more convenient to send a rules violation to RMLS™. I like it because it usually has most of the information needed when processing.

Keep the reports coming! Accurate data helps all of our subscribers and the buyers and sellers they serve.