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Technical Terry,

I’ve heard my fellow REALTORS® talking about access codes for the SentriLock system that they can give to contractors or fellow REALTORS®. I have no idea what they’re saying! Can you explain what they’re talking about?

Sincerely Yours,
Lost in Lockbox Land

Thanks for reaching out to us, Lost. Of course I can explain what they’re talking about!

The SentriLock lockbox system provides a few ways to open a lockbox using codes that you can generate yourself. I’ll explain the codes and who can use each.

First are codes that can be generated by RMLS™ subscribers using the SentriSmart™ app. SentriSmart™ Mobile Access Codes (SMACs) are generated by using the SentriSmart™ app on a smartphone instead of using your SentriCard®. Never give a SMAC to anyone—this is like giving out your SentriCard® and is subject to the same rules and sanctions.

The other type of codes are generated by the owner of a lockbox.

One of these codes is the one day code. These can only be generated by the lockbox owner. The one day code will only work for a limited period of time—one hour from the time the code is initially used to open the lockbox.

A contractor code is used to allow access to someone with whom you and the homeowner have agreed can gain access to the property. This code can also be generated using SentriSmart™, by using the SentriLock website, or by calling SentriLock.

The big difference between using a one day code and a contractor code is that a contractor code can be used any day, over and over, as long as it falls within the access times programmed into the lockbox.


Now you’ve got the concept…how do you generate codes?

One Day Codes
One day codes can be created the following ways:

• using the SentriCard® Utility or the SentriLock website.
• using the SentriLock Card Authorization Renewal System (CARS) by calling (513) 618-5800.
• using SentriSmart™.
• by contacting SentriLock technical support.

Contractor Codes
First, contractor mode must be enabled on your lockbox for contractor codes to work. Lockbox owners are assigned three contractor codes for use, and these codes will work indefinitely as long as contractor mode is active on the lockbox.

When you turn on contractor mode, anyone with the lockbox’s contractor codes can use them to open the key compartment without a SentriCard®.

How to Turn on Contractor Mode
1. Insert your SentriCard® into the lockbox. Wait until the CODE light displays, then press your PIN and Enter.
2. After the READY light comes on, press FUNC + 6 + 1 and Enter. If you would like to turn contractor mode off, enter FUNC + 6 + 0 and Enter.
3. Remove your SentriCard® from the lockbox.

You can use the SentriCard® Utility or SentriLock website to find a lockbox’s contractor codes.

How to Find Your Contractor Codes using the SentriLock Website
1. Use the SentriCard® utility to log in to the SentriLock website. Insert your SentriCard® into the reader attached to your computer. The SentriCard® Utility should display the login window with your SentriLock ID appearing automatically. Type your password in and log in to access the main menu.
2. Click My Lockboxes. On the Lockboxes window, click the serial number of the lockbox.
3. On the Edit Lockbox window, click Default Lockbox Settings or Custom Lockbox Settings.
4. The Contractor Code fields on the Default Lockbox Settings or Custom Lockbox Settings windows will display the contractor codes for the lockbox you selected from the Lockboxes window.

One more (important) thing—your brokerage may have policies about the use of one day and contractor codes. Before you start using either, be aware of your company’s policies!

Have we helped you find your way, Lost in Lockbox Land? If you have trouble with SentriLock lockbox codes or have other questions, SentriLock technical support is the best resource for SentriLock issues. The RMLS™ Help Desk is happy to answer lockbox questions as well.