You asked, and we answered! Mobile devices are so prevalent in real estate that we took steps to modernize our client reports.

Starting on Wednesday, April 8 around noon, we will roll out a new, responsive format for these reports. In other words, they will look clean and streamlined on smartphones and tablets, not just a shrunken version of the desktop view.

The most essential info will be shown right up top, with alternating colors for each section to make for easier reading. Speaking of easier reading, the default text size will be 2 points larger (and in a spiffier font!), which helps when looking at a screen or at a printout.

Take a look at the before and after examples below. Bear in mind, this “new” example is just a mockup…you will see an actual photo when you look up client reports in the future.

old version of client report
The old look…
new version of the RMLSweb client report
…and the NEW look!

We welcome your feedback, so please let us know what you think. If this new look is as popular as toilet paper and hand sanitizer, we might find even more ways to modernize our reporting features.

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber, and stay safe as we continue to flatten the curve!