The INRIX Drive Time feature will be ready for you to use in RMLSweb the afternoon of Tuesday, March 26. This new mapping feature allows you to highlight an area — based on specified addresses and available traffic data — of the map, and see listings that meet your clients’ needs for a reasonable drive from home to work, school, a hospital, a grocery store, etc.

Drive Time is based on typical traffic conditions, rather than actual traffic, which includes nonrecurring activity, such as an accident or construction. With Drive Time, you can analyze the extent of a drive by day of week, time of day and length of journey.

Log into RMLSweb, then follow these steps to create a map that shows listings within your desired drive time between locations:

  • Navigate to “Map Search”
  • Click the “Locate” field and enter your destination address
  • Click “Go” to zoom the map in around a pin at the address
  • Click “Draw” and select the “Drive Time” icon
  • Enter your desired Drive Time Duration
  • Choose either “Arrival Time” or “Departure Time”
  • Click the “Calculate” button
  • Click “Count” to see listings in the selected drive time area

Additional instructions on how to use Drive Time are available here.

To learn more about INRIX Drive Time and other map search capabilities, contact an RMLS™ Trainer at to schedule your own personal one-on-one training session. Please let us know if you have any questions!