Ask Technical Terry Silhouette

Dear Technical Terry,

I know it has been several months since the introduction of the Paragon MLS system and I recall there being a free trial period. Is that still available and why would I want to try Paragon?

Curious in Coos Bay

Hi CC,

It has been a few months since the roll out of the Paragon MLS System of Choice project. We continue to offer your first quarter of Paragon access for no cost — you simply need to send an email to letting us know of your interest in trying the Paragon system. You will receive instructions on how to log in to the Paragon system as well as other details.

Now, your second question about why you would want to try Paragon has more answers. It depends on how you conduct your Real Estate business, how comprehensive of a technology toolset your brokerage provides you and what you like to do with MLS listing data.

Take, for example, the Paragon Collaboration Center and Paragon Connect – utilizing these two Paragon modules in conjunction with each other allows you to provide your customers a wonderful experience in viewing listings that match their specifications while allowing your customers to change search criteria on their own, favoriting properties they like and discarding properties they don’t like. All of this activity is done with transparency on your side, so you will know exactly what your clients are doing with the listings that you are providing them. And by utilizing Paragon Connect on your smart phone or tablet you will be able to see exactly what they are doing while you’re out in the field. Very powerful! Check out this short video about how the two modules work together.

If you are an appraiser, or simply like to export listing data to create your own data analysis using Excel, Paragon offers a simple, yet very effective way to create custom exports for your use. Also, if you are required as an appraiser to create the 1004MC market conditions report, Paragon has you covered there as well.

I’d be remiss in not mentioning the really powerful integration of the CRS Data’s MLS Tax Data suite that is included inside the Paragon system. The CRS system takes tax data reporting and searching capability to a new level!

So, as you can see, just detailing a couple of the Paragon system benefits will hopefully give you the encouragement to try the product. The RMLS Training Dept. and Help Desk Dept. are both available to support and train your Paragon experience for you, and the Paragon Help Center is as well-developed a support portal as I have seen in my 30 years in the industry.

Give it a try – we are here to support you!!