The All-New Homesnap Pro is now LIVE!

The All-New Homesnap Pro is now LIVE!

We’re so excited to announce that the All-New Homesnap Pro is now LIVE for RMLS™ subscribers!

Homesnap has been conducting extensive research for the past three years on what technology real estate agents actually want, and now it’s providing it all in one easy-to-use app that’s deeply integrated with RMLS™.

RMLS™ agents have already had free access to Homesnap Pro as an included MLS benefit, but Homesnap just released the biggest update in its history, making it the only real estate search app you — and your clients — will need.

Remember: You must be logged into your Homesnap Pro account to access these agent-only features.

With the All-New Homesnap Pro, agents can now:

Find seller leads before the competition

An essential part of being a listing agent is finding seller leads, and now that’s easier than ever with new property heatmaps and filters for your priority zips. Use the app’s new Likelihood to List scores to identify the homes most likely to list in the next 12 months to improve your prospecting with Homesnap’s predictive algorithms. You also have free access to unlimited homeowner contact information, so you can instantly reach out to homeowners by phone or email.

Help buyers find homes that aren’t even on the market yet

With the new Likelihood to List scores, you can identify properties that match your buyers’ search criteria but aren’t on the market yet. Pair their existing search filters with homes that are Most Likely to List soon, and you can expand their home search in a snap. Knowing the homeowner contact info from Homesnap, you can strike up a conversation with the homeowner and see if they’d be interested in selling.

Seamlessly collaborate with clients

Make the home buying process a harmonic one. Invite your buyers onto Homesnap so you can exchange in-app messages and get alerts when they favorite properties. Homesnap is like a safe haven for your clients, because they can get the same search experience as other national sites, without seeing any third-party advertising. Instead, they just get a seamless search experience powered directly by RMLS™.

With these advanced filters, agents and their clients will soon be able to search for the ideal home with unmatched precision. Say your client wants a condo with a parking space and an outdoor pool, and is a 15-minute commute from their job. With the All-New Homesnap Pro, you can compound these stipulations into one search to find your client the perfect home.

If you don’t have the Homesnap app yet, download it in the App Store and Google Play Store.

RMLS™ Rules Roundup for January 2020

RMLS™ Rules Roundup for January 2020


The RMLS™ Rules and Regulations Committee has requested that periodic reports are given to subscribers about the number and types of formal rules violations, along with information about informal violations and courtesy notifications by type. Read “If a RMLS™ Rule is Broken, What Happens?” for a deeper explanation.

Have you ever spotted something wrong in a property listing on RMLSweb? The Data Accuracy team is responsible for sorting things out whenever a RMLS™ subscriber contacts us—whether that is via the “Report Issue” button on a listing, by email, or contacting us directly by phone. In January 2020 our team handled 214 phone calls.

We track 32 specific issues in Listing Data Checker (LDC), the software that helps us spot and correct issues proactively. Six of these are courtesy notifications, but the other 24 are informal violations of the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations. In addition to our focus on education we also process formal violations throughout the year.


A new year brings with it a new sequence for MLS numbers. Listings published in 2020 begin with ’20######’, where listings published in 2019 began with ’19######’. While it is not against the RMLS™ rules to refresh a listing, there are a few points to keep in mind. Refreshing a listing should be done at the request of the seller(s). If the seller(s) elects to refresh their listing in the MLS, the old listing should be changed to canceled (CAN) status not withdrawn (WTH). The Data Accuracy Department has received reports where the original listing was changed to withdrawn (WTH) status instead of canceled, and forgotten until the listing expires at some future date. This causes not only confusion for RMLS™ subscribers, it can be confusing to the property owner who may or may not have been the original seller(s) who receive inquiries on the status of their property.


The RMLS™ Rules and Regulations Committee reviews all formal complaints which allege a violation of the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations. The committee has the power to impose sanctions.

The committee did not review any formal violations in January 2020.


In January 2020, RMLS™ Data Accuracy staff reviewed 22,529 listings in addition to the 493 notices sent through “Report Issue” button on RMLSweb. Of the items reviewed, 1,221 violation notices and 1,953 courtesy notices were sent out.

Missing Tax ID471
Incorrect or Missing Information129
Duplicate Listing119
Missing Owner Name94
Personal Promotion85
Missing School58
Incorrect Status50
Year Built Description 46
Is Property a Condo 37
No Showings22
Missing or Incorrect 1st Photo 18
Duplicate Listing in Different Categories 17
Conditions to Compensation15
Duplicate Listing in Different Categories13
Incorrect Property Type15
Missing Condo Unit Number 8
Inaccurate Lot Size 8
Listing Input in Incorrect MLS area 7
Address Issues7
Partial Bathrooms 5+ 4
City Unknown1
Is Listing a Short Sale1

Following are the courtesy notifications sent to RMLS™ subscribers in January 2020:

Listing is Set to Expire1,015
Multiple Owner Names in First Field 405
Listing Still Pending 377
New Listing Input Over 24 Hours 156

When we notice an uptick in a specific type of violation (perhaps a rule recently changed or market conditions lead to an increase in a certain type of issue) we may also put a notification up on RMLSweb, educating subscribers before one of their listings gets flagged and we need to contact them.

RMLS™ Data Accuracy can be reached via email or by phone at (503) 236-7657 if you ever have questions about the RMLS™ Rules and Regulations, if you wonder whether a specific listing has inaccurate data, or if you want to chat with us more about the above information.

The All-New Homesnap Pro is now LIVE!

Remine Prepares for Feature Release on February 5

Remine Logo

On February 5, 2020 Remine will release new features that provide relevant solutions to everyday agent needs. Below you’ll find an overview of new features that will be available to subscribers.

Client Facing Updates

Invite Co-Buyers

Your clients are now able to invite a co-buyer to share in the home buying journey. They can invite multiple co-buyers who then become associated with you, the agent.

invite co-buyer screen shot

Agent Profile Redesign

The agent profile has a fresh new look and feel. This gives you a more prominent, sophisticated profile page. This feature also includes a static ‘contact me’ card – encouraging prospective clients to contact you instantly. Simply scroll down to view active and recently sold listings. As before, you are still able to make edits to your profile via your settings.

screen shot of updated agent profile page

Client Chat

You’re now able to chat with your clients, their co-buyers, and other agents within Remine. This new chat feature has a social media type feel – giving clients the everyday usability they crave while keeping the agent at the center of the home buying experience.

screen shot of client chat

Agent Facing Updates

All Carts

This feature adds a ‘master cart’ function. By selecting ‘All Carts,’ you’re able to view a single list of every property you have within all of your carts. This allows you to sort properties, search for a specific address, manage columns, and perform bulk actions such as sending mailers, printing mailing labels, and exporting all properties into a CSV.

all carts screen shot

Customize Print Reports

We know what you put in front of your client is extremely important. As a result, you are now able customize sections in all printable reports – including which AVMs you would like to include in your reports and other sections such as: Public Record, Schools, Demographics, Property History, Valuation, and Associated People.

print preview option for multiple reports

Public Record Data ‘One-Pager’

This feature enables you to compose a condensed, one-page version of a property’s public record data, with the option to include valuations.

Print preview option screen shot

Deeds & Plats

You now can purchase deeds and plats via Remine! This helps you ensure that the ownership of a property is clear when the deed is considered “clean.” Deeds & plats can be purchased using credits for $7/deed and $1/plat.

Advanced Flood Maps

Gone are the days of needing multiple flood tools. You can now toggle on and off the flood boundaries to get a better representation of where the property structure lies on the flood map. *This feature is available exclusively on Remine Pro.

flood zone layer screen shot